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IMC130 Create an amazing YouTube channel

Ben dives into the realm of YouTube Engagement, uncovering the keys to success in the ever-evolving world of online video content. Join us as we explore the strategies and techniques used by top creators to captivate audiences, boost subscriber numbers, and foster meaningful interactions.


You can now choose your channel’s handle

YouTube is rolling out Handles – just like we have for other social networks – in November. You will be notified via email when you can choose. Here’s a quote from the email

if you already have a personalized URL for your channel, we’ve reserved this for you as your handle. If you’re happy with that handle then you’re all set. If you want a different handle from the one we reserved, you can change it. If you don’t already have a personalized URL today, you’ll also be able to choose a handle. Keep in mind that handles are unique to each channel, so once a handle has been chosen, it can’t be selected by anyone else.

But what are handles you might ask. From their help page on the subject 

Handles are a way for you to find and connect with creators on YouTube. Handles are unique and short channel identifiers separate from channel names, and they start with the “@” symbol. For example, @youtubecreators.

And most importantly

If you don’t select a handle by November 14, 2022, YouTube will automatically assign you one. You can change this handle at any point.

IMC Podcast #33: Being Authentic on Video with Jonathan Mahan

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Ben speaks with Jonathan Mahan on how to be authentic on video and the benefits of engaging your customers with candid videography.

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IMC15: How we make our podcast

Ben shares everything we do to create our Rather Inventive podcast, including lessons learnt, stats and helpful tools.


What is a podcast?

  • On-demand radio show
  • Daily, weekly, monthly
  • In a series
  • Generally audio only
  • Over 550,000 on Apple Podcasts in more than 100 languages (June 2018)
  • 49% people listen at home
  • Podcast listeners are loyal and affluent
  • 81% of people take action as a result of listening to a podcast


Why did we start a podcast?

  • Used to record radio shows on tape recorder
  • Chatted with Al regularly, good to share
  • Great opportunity to meet people
  • Wanted to learn

If you’ve not subscribed to the podcast please do at

  • April 1st 2014 First show with Nick Van der Walle
  • November 2018 – First video podcast
  • December 2018 – Moved entire podcast to video
  • October 2019 – Interview with Nick again!
  • March 2020 – Latest podcast with a magician

Over 90 recordings!


‘Two guys chatting’
Interview show
Reporter / NPR
One voice

Our process


Structure has evolved
Show notes
List out questions
Practice your start and ending
Script for Podcast running order (template)


It started with an interview
Interview people that inspire you or youraudiencee
Scheduling – Doodle, Calendly
Script for Inviting a guest onto your podcast/vlog (template)


Audacity, Quicktime
Zoom, Demio
iPhone (front and back cameras)
External microphone – reducing echo (I use Shure MV5)


We edit for audio consistency
Audio only – Fission, Quicktime, Audacity
Video – iMovie, Final Cut, Adobe Premier, Shotcut
Music – Intro, background music, Envato Elements (£13/mo, Free account 12 free files/month)


Titles – Informative / funny
Graphics – Find the smile
YouTube (free), SoundCloud (£125/yr) / Libsyn (£52/yr)


Share on Twitter and LinkedIn. I prefer LinkedIn
Better to share direct link to video/media or teaser clip
Tag in any guests. Share link by email


How to ask. Pitch an idea Insert or live read Industry standard CPM £10-20
Charge what you think it is worth
Script for Asking for sponsorship (template)
Starting something newTakes a lot of effort and planning
Want to focus on RI, not just guests
Build up IMC
Marketing currently too diverse
Re-use current material

Need some Video help?

IMC14: How to make fab client testimonial videos

Learn why you should start asking for video testimonials. I share my tips on filming & editing including my recommendations on which software to use.


Why you should start asking for video testimonials

  • Helping people make a decision
  • Adding value
  • Educating potential customer


  • 92% of customers read online reviews before buying
  • 70% of people trust reviews from strangers
  • Customer reviews create 74% increase in product conversion.
  • Videos trigger emotions. We mirror people
  • Video has a higher retention rate compared to text Videos are easier to share

How to ask for a video testimonial

‘Can you do me a favour’
Opportunity for customers to get involved

View full list of email templates

Interview formats

Formal Interview

  • Traditional / professional
  • Interviewer behind camera or facing each other
  • Considered response
  • Take longer to organise and film

Quick ‘Vox Pop’

  • Casual, more authentic
  • Capture opinion and emotion
  • Quick to film and request
  • Risky for live broadcasts, if unplanned

Video Conference

  • Easier to schedule, less travel
  • People feel more comfortable in own environment
  • Difficult to control audio/visual quality – Internet speed!
  • Limited camera angles


  • Authentic / intimate
  • Easy to request and schedule
  • Mostly concise. Ask one question
  • Rely on technical ability of customer
  • Easier for people to say no. Incentivise?

Questions to ask

  • Impart trust and proof of your service
  • Get a testimonial
  • Share something secret or a tip

Questions to ask

‘What’s your name and who do you work for’

‘What do you do and how do you/your company help people’

‘What’s one thing you do that people remark on or enjoy’

‘What one area have [insert company] helped you in your business’

‘If you were to recommend [insert company] to a friend or colleague, what would you say?’

Sample questions you can use for your own interviews

Tips for filming, editing and publishing great video
Filming. Audio first, then lighting

  • Use external mic, close to mouth. Get rid of external noises. Soft room
  • Outside or face a window. Turn on all lights. Not backlit
  • Turn camera on early, avoid starting. Practice run
  • Sit dow to relax and prevent moving in the shot. Table in front for protection Be positive and be relaxed. People will echo this
  • Allow time, don’t rush. Remove distractions and pressure

Live or recorded?

  • Shared immediately
  • Cannot correct or fix
  • Make sure to warm people up Record ‘as live’

Cut aways

  • Filming extra footage ‘B roll’
  • Buildings, products, people milling (soft focus)
  • Get more than you think you need
  • Use another camera for alternate angles

Editing. Story is key

  • Jump cuts or hidden edits
  • Make notes of good takes.
  • Use mini whiteboard
  • Start with the best interview clips
  • Edit out dupes, cough, ems etc Remove waffle

Hiding edits

  • Two camera angles
  • Behind interviewee’s head
  • Noddy shots of interviewer
  • Cut away shots that relate to conversation


  • YouTube / Vimeo
  • Create your own Thumbnail. Optimise for smiles
  • Embed on blog post or client page
  • Add mini text transcript to video or add to blog
  • Title for SEO so people can find e.g. ‘Avigilon camera review’

The kit Ben uses

  • iPhone 7. iPhone 11 has better cameras
  • Shure MV5 mic. Tie clips would be better for formal interviews
  • Clips on iPhone for quick social posts
  • iMovie or Final cut for formal edits (macOS / iPhone)
  • Manfrotto tripod.
  • Joby iPhone mount
  • Mini whiteboard (new idea)

IMC3: YouTube Engagement

Understanding YouTube analytics and getting more engagement from your channel.


Why use video

Easy for visitors to watch Helps with SEO

YouTube stats

Worlds 2nd largest search engine 63 million daily viewers Average CPV $0.044 (3p)

Selmach Case study
Reduced dropout Increase subscribers Get more goals


  • YouTube delivered most visits and often goals
  • Review stats and optimise engagement
  • Want to increase subscribers to get more website visits and goals
  • Most visits from YouTube
  • Traffic source
High drop off during static title image

Subscriptions increase

YouTube Optimisation tips

  • Optimise keywords
  • Research what people are looking for Similar rules as on page SEO
  • Add keywords into the title
  • Videos indexed faster than web pages
  • Get to the action within the first five seconds Remove boring bits to keep the pace
  • Don’t be boring
  • Know your audience
  • Watch other videos your audience might like
  • Check your retention stats to see where people drop out
  • Ask for action
  • Include a call to action
  • Link to your website in the first two lines of the description production

How to never be boring in conversation

Observations on Tom Hanks in conversation, with advice you can use to be a better presenter on video, in a workshop or even chatting down the pub.

Here’s a few tips I noted from the video

  • Create a story gap – Peak peoples interest with the promise of an exciting story.
  • Pantomime what you are saying – Use hand gestures and movement to act our what you are saying.
  • Be dynamic – Shift a story’s focus from sad to happy or move your voice from loud to quiet.
  • Include everyone – Make good eye contact (three seconds or so) so that people feel what you are saying is relevant to them, that they are included.

The last point, on eye contact, I’ve found particularly helpful in boosting my confidence when talking to a large group of people.

I’ve always enjoyed films featuring Tom Hanks from Big (his earliest film that I remember watching), to Castaway, Saving Private Ryan and Forest Gump, which is on my rewatch list.

YouTube launches Video Builder to create video for ads

For businesses who don’t have resources to create videos from scratch, Video Builder can help. It’s a free beta tool that animates static assets—images, text and logos—with music from our library. You can choose from a variety of layouts based on your message and goals, customize colors and font and quickly generate a short YouTube video (6 seconds or 15 seconds). 

Sign up for beta access

51: Jonathan Mahan, Video promotion and tips to get comfortable on camera

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Ben talks with Jonathan Mahan from Bombbomb on how video improves business and gathers some tips on how to get comfortable on camera.

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47: Bath Digital Festival 2019 roundup

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After spending three days, attending 12 talks and walking over 20,000 steps, I’m back from Bath Digital Festival. I was lucky enough to interview some of the speakers and attendees to bring you a flavour of the state of technology and marketing in 2019.

It’s a fully packed episode and I hope you enjoy it.

The sponsor for this episode is 34SP. A Fast, Secure and Managed WordPress host based in the UK. Visit and use the code WPINVENTIVE at checkout to get your first three months of hosting completely free.


Interview: Tom Ross, Design Cuts on Creativity

Ben talks to Tom Ross, the founder of (and fellow podcaster) about creativity within marketing and how he balances building a community of contributors whilst marketing to customers.

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Show notes


Image Credit: Tom Ross portrait. Banner Image Credit: Image of Tom Ross sat in a meeting.

Interview: Dan Lewis Founder of FreeAgent247

In this interview Ben managed to catch Dan Lewis from Free Agent 247 in-between meetings to chat about their free business model and how video plays an important part in their promotional strategy.


Image Credit: Founder Dan Lewis, FreeAgent247. Banner Image Credit: Image of Dan Lewis sat in a chair reading.

Invest in the seeds of your evergreen marketing

It is easy to get bogged down into the constant struggle of reeling in profitable business. And in a tight economy, it’s understandable why we might tighten our belt and trim off the frills. But it’s worth remembering that marketing is one of the key strategies for getting in that new business and building the foundations for eventual sales.

Obviously you need to be sensible, so think about your evergreen marketing; by evergreen marketing I am talking about a marketing idea or concept that will last beyond the next couple of hours, weeks or even years, perennially providing you with new strands of business.

The top four evergreen strategies I would recommend investing in are:


One of the top marketing tools to give your customers value or deliver a personal touch, I cannot express how much I value video. Working around the clock on platforms like Vimeo, YouTube you are able to hook business from worldwide markets.

Whether it is a how to guide, vlog, casestudy, testimonial or product overview it will certainly benefit your business. It doesn’t have to be overly complicated, less is always more and you may even be surprised at how affordable it is.

If you don’t have the capacity to create a short video, think about making a slideshow animation from images or using animated GIFS to help catch your audience’s eye.

Website Facelift

In a world of instant gratification and with many of us carrying a computer in our pockets it seems ludicrous if you do not have an online presence. A handful of pages is better than nothing. The absolute basics should be a clear message about who you are, what you can deliver and how to get in touch with you. This is often the first glimpse into your business so make the effort and make sure it gives a professional vibe.

With current online web design sites such as Squarespace or WordPress their really is no excuse. Even hiring a professional web designer is a reasonable cost for most busineses. Giving your site a facelift does not have to be expensive and often needs just a review of the text, images and search optimisation.

Don’t have a website? At the very least make sure you have an online presence using a Facebook Business page or Google My Business profile. How else will your customer’s find you?


Informative and educational articles is where you will capture today’s audience. If we want to know something we ask Google.. delving into a world where at a click of a button we can find out how to fix our washing machine or learn how to perfect a certain recipe.

Whether it’s an informative article or a more informal account of what is happening in your business. The more information you share online through articles on your site, the more this will help capture your audience. By writing and sharing something of true value you are instinctively building trust with your customer by proving that you know what you are talking about. Sharing helpful tips and tricks will make you more memorable and possibly prompt a return visit or even a recommendation.

It will also help boost your website up the Google ranks as the search engine robots favour sites with quality and relavent content as it increases the amount of time that is spent on the site, reduces the bounce rate and increases the number of pages visited per session.

Don’t forget all of the content you are gathering could be translated into a video at a later date!

Case studies

You can huff and puff until the cows go home but nobody can sell your business more than your previous clients. When investing in a new venture or purchase the majority of people these days will search online and read the reviews to help them determine which company they would like to go with. If you are good at what you do, be open. Contact your previous customers and ask them if they would mind giving you a review or sharing some feedback. You never know you might find that you learn something from the feedback which could streamline your business further. Whether it is a short statement, written or filmed interview it will add an extra layer of authenticity whilst reminding them that you still exist and could even prompt further work.

It is important to be careful about what you invest in but don’t be afraid to invest in marketing ideas that are fun or novel as often that is the stuff that hooks in your audience. We are all bored and numb to so many of the mainstream marketing campaigns so think of how you can be different and about what your customers would find helpful.


Image credit: Adrenalin by Artem Bali from Pexels

Something Inventive 26: A very friendly bunch

Al and Ben are joined by seasoned podcaster and Mac enthusiast, Karl Madden to talk about the latest iteration of Intelligent Tracking Prevention from Apple. Karl also advocates that every business should get into podcasting or video.

If you have any feedback, ideas or topics you’d like covered on our podcast we’d love to hear from you. Please get in touch via our contact page, leave a voicemail on 0800 881 5805 or mention @RatherInventive on Twitter.

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Show notes


The Hosts

Al Osmond (@inventiveal) – An unusual mix of logical thinker with a creative eye
Ben Kinnaird (@benkinnaird) – Knower of Social media, SEO and ‘the Web’

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Audio edited by Donalize – ‘Goofy Vocal Groove‘ intro music by Dave Girtsman – Image Credit: Drinking Liquor and Talking On Dining Table Close Up by Helena Lopes on Pexels