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IMC124 Youtube SEO

Ben demonstrates how to optimise videos and your YouTube channels for SEO, offering practical insights and techniques to maximise your reach and improve the discoverability of their videos on the YouTube platform.


This transcript from the “Inventive Marketing Club” episode dives into YouTube SEO strategies, focusing on optimising video and channel visibility to enhance reach and discovery. Key points include:

Understanding Your Competition

Highlighting the importance of understanding the competition on YouTube, which sees around 3.7 million videos uploaded daily. The emphasis is on identifying niche-specific challenges and opportunities for standing out.

Optimisation Essentials

Discusses the critical role of watch time, subscriber engagement, and the initial 48-hour visibility window in boosting video performance. It underscores the importance of keywords in titles, descriptions, and video content to improve searchability and relevance.

Leveraging YouTube’s Ecosystem

Reveals how videos can be discovered through direct searches, Google searches (due to YouTube’s integration with Google), and recommendations alongside other videos. It emphasises creating content directly relevant to the viewers’ interests and search habits.

Keyword Research and SEO Tools

Details the keyword research process using YouTube’s autocomplete feature, Google Trends, and other SEO tools to identify what potential viewers are searching for. It stresses the importance of choosing keywords that align with audience search behaviour.

Optimising Video Elements

Offers insights into optimising video titles, descriptions, and tags with relevant keywords to increase visibility. It mentions the utility of custom thumbnails in attracting viewers’ attention and the benefit of using descriptive filenames for uploaded videos.

Engagement and Quality Factors

Explores how engagement metrics like comments and quality assessments by YouTube’s algorithms influence video recommendations. It suggests ways to create a snowball effect of viewership through engaging content and strategic optimisation.

Thumbnails and Visual Appeal

Emphasises the importance of creating compelling thumbnails to stand out in search results and recommendations. It suggests using clear, relevant images and text to convey the video’s content effectively.

Practical Tips for Optimisation

Offers practical tips for increasing video views, such as sharing videos across various platforms, using end screens to promote additional content, and organising videos into playlists to encourage binge-watching.

This summary encapsulates the strategies discussed in the episode for leveraging YouTube SEO to maximise video reach and effectiveness in a highly competitive digital landscape.

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