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IMC49: Perfect PR Marketing

PR marketing is a great way to increase brand visibility, website traffic and is also a key element for SEO. In this webinar Heidi Chamberlain-Jones shares her method on how to perfect your PR marketing strategy including how to build relationships with key journalists.


IMC47: How to write good website copy

Catherine Every shares her step-by-step process on how to write good web copy.

The presentation will touch on: Deciding on the structure of your website, how to research keywords and guidance on how to write great copy for your website.

We like working with Catherine on web projects as she understands how good copy can engage a reader and stimulate them into action.


IMC44: SEO Review

We invited SEO Expert, Chris Richard to review our new RI website! We don’t know exactly what ideas Chris will come up with but he always has insightful advice to improve our search ranking through his proven methods.


IMC42: TikTok Essentials

We have invited social media trainer, Jonathan Pollinger to introduce us to TikTok and share how it can build awareness of your business, help you to attract more customers, as well as boost sales and profits.


IMC41: Landing Page Review

During this session we will look at a selection of different landing pages and check to see whether they are giving the right message, are user friendly and share some advice on how to improve them.

It’s important to take that step back and see your homepage through your customers eyes to make sure it is working in a way you intended.


IMC37: Marketing Review – Looking back at the previous year and setting goals for 2022

In this episode we take stock of our marketing, discussing the importance of evaluating the year before and why you should set goals for the year ahead.

Ben is joined by Club Member Nicky Ayers from Ecl-ips as they both dive into their marketing strategies and share what went well, what is still a work in progress, what goals we’re working towards and how we’re going to tackle them.


IMC35: How to make your site accessible

How to improve your websites usability to appeal to the widest possible audience.


  • Every design has the potential to include and exclude customers
  • Dieter Ram’s 10 Commandments of Good Design

IMC34: WordPress Walkthrough 2021

From logging in to editing a page and posting a blog article Ben takes you step by step through setting up your WordPress website.


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Why WordPress?

  • Can get started for free on
  • Completely flexible when self managed
  • Plugins give it flexibility
  • Best control over SEO
  • Powers over 40% of the worlds websites
  • Used by global brands
  • Active community

IMC32: Instagram Essentials

How to use Instagram in your business, grow your audience and track progress.


Why are small businesses using photo sharing apps in marketing?

  • Increasingly in popularity
  • Businesses of all sizes and sectors are using it
  • A great way to bring a visual element to your social media activity
  • Reaching new audiences easier and quicker
  • Sell products or services through the platform

Instagram as Marketing tool

  • Who should use Instagram?

How to post

  • Can only post using app
  • Photos
  • Video
  • Importance of Stories & Reels
  • Hashtag research

Planning Content

  • Use your social media strategy for inspiration
  • Variety is essential
  • Post regularly
  • Find inspiration from other accounts
  • Consider including video

Tracking Progress

  • Set Objectives to monitor progress
  • Audience growth – size & quality
  • Interaction – likes, comments, reach
  • Performance on paid ads
  • Sales of products
  • Traffic to your website

Commit to action

What one action will you achieve over the next 30 days?

IMC31: Facebook Essentials

How to use Facebook in your business, grow your audience and win customers.


Introduction to Facebook

  • Used by people in their personal lives to communicate with family and friends
  • Use as a news source
  • Community and common interest groups – keep up-to-date with what’s going on in a local area or share information / experience related to interests

Why should you use Facebook?

  • You use should Facebook if you are a B2C business
  • It provides you with access to your target audience
  • Enables both current and potential customers to communicate directly with you
  • Helps to build brand awareness and increase sales

Setting up a Business page

  • Business pages are created within a personal page
  • Add at least 1 other person as an administrator
  • Ensure all key pieces of business information are present and updated
  • Make it easy for people to find and recognise you
  • Profile photos and cover photos need to be the correct size.
  • Make use of the Call to Action button – Learn more, Buy now

Planning Content

  • Posts need to be interesting and eye catching
  • Sharing posts about a variety of topics related to your business is essential
  • Plan and prepare your posts in advance – ideally 2 weeks
  • Consider the photos, imagery and video you need to create / gather
  • Encourage your audience to comment and interact – questions, opinions

What to share

  • Inform your audience about your products and services
  • Don’t share “salesy” posts
  • Share what you have been up to – creating a product or delivering a service
  • Document your journey and bring people to the forefront
  • Develop campaigns – social calendar, seasons of the year, specific to your sector
  • Blogs and articles
  • Video

Publishing Content

  • Sharing posts regularly is important to build momentum & be visible
  • Be careful not to over share!
  • Schedule posts using Facebook’s scheduling tool
  • Review the best times of day and days of the week to publish content
  • A visual element is essential – photo, infographic, link, video
  • Add video files if possible – better performance

Review Performance

  • Analyse performance of the page and posts once a month
  • Identify any trends to factor into future posts
  • What are you aiming for?
  • Audience growth
  • Increased reach
  • Link clicks
  • Google Analytics – clicks, journeys and enquiries/ sales

Top Tips

  • Make it easy for people to find you – signpost in other marketing activities
  • Encourage customers to leave Reviews and recommend you on Facebook
  • Consider Ads – awareness or sales focused.
  • Add Jobs to your page

IMC30: The Future of Marketing

Ben chairs a discussion with Nicky Ayers (Ecl-ips CCTV), Catherine Every (Pippin Copywriting) and Jon Johnson (Mountain Perspective) looking at how future trends and challenges could impact on our strategies for lead generation.


What could the future of marketing look like?

You don’t own the platform

  • Rely on social and ads for new customers
  • The sales funnel is out of your control
  • No direct access to audience
  • What happens if their policies change?

People prefer to buy/work online

  • People prefer digital experiences – Easier, quicker.
  • Remote working reduces town centre visitors
  • How do they find out about you?

Search is voice only

  • In the car, jogging, cooking
  • Voice assistants only surface the first few results
  • How do you get found in a sea of a thousand results?

Tracking is dead

  • Browser tracking cookies are being blocked
  • Email is hiding your opens and clicks
  • How can we target them on other platforms?
  • Do we need to collect so much data?

What you can do about it

Build a strong brand

  • Trusted and consistent
  • Meet people where they are then invite them back to your place – your website

Tribe Marketing

  • Work with partners or as a group
  • Make use of their audience
  • Refer often

Use Video

  • Focus on personality (brand)
  • Make it useful, share something of value, have fun
  • Great audio/lighting

Use structured data

Be remarkable
Create email and social posts people really want to read, watch or be part of

IMC28: Three big ideas to grow your social engagement

I share three ideas that could help grow or even kick start your social media engagement. I’ve been developing the ideas over the years so you may already have heard a few of them but it’s always good to have a refresher.


Be Remarkable

How to create remarkable content that spreads further by working with others 

  • Choose a social network you like 
  • Where your audience hangs out 
  • Reach out to your audience 
  • Be remarkable 
  • Be consistent
  • Connect on a personal level 

Be the First to Follow

Understand how to attract people and create a movement 

Start a Social Tribe

Local businesses promoting local businesses on the web and through social media 

  • Find your tribe 
  • Follow your tribe
  • Spend 15 a day minutes engaging 
  • Recommend what you love 
  • Feedback to improve 
  • Don’t talk about yourself