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IMC127: Focus On: Communication Methods

Join us as we dissect various websites, analysing their design, functionality, and user experience. From assessing navigation structures to evaluating content clarity, we’ll provide invaluable insights into optimising online platforms for maximum impact.


In this episode of the Inventive Marketing Club, the focus is on exploring different communication methods used by various companies to engage with their visitors or customers.

JetBlue – Tailoring Communication for Different Journeys:

  • JetBlue’s approach to communication involves tailoring contact options early in the customer journey.
  • Offering various communication channels such as chat, mobile device support, and more.
  • Personalised options enhance user experience and cater to modern living needs.

HubSpot – Balancing Complexity with User Experience:

  • HubSpot’s contact page appears cluttered with numerous options and lacks engaging visuals.
  • While offering a plethora of choices, the page may overwhelm users and fail to provide a clear path.
  • Lack of visual appeal and simplicity may detract from the overall user experience.

Burger King – Simple Yet Effective Communication:

  • Burger King’s contact page features a retro color scheme and friendly visuals, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere.
  • Despite its simplicity, the page effectively presents essential information without overwhelming the user.
  • The absence of a phone number may indicate a deliberate choice to streamline communication channels.

Communion Architect – Funnelling Communication to find the most engaged

  • Two primary goals for visitors: seeking information about architecture and wanting to work with Alex.
  • Transition from a conventional contact page to a more informative and streamlined approach.
  • Introduction of the resources pack for visitors seeking information.
  • Description of the resources available on the website, including videos, blog articles, and more.
  • Implementation of a project form for serious inquiries, leading to better lead management.

Octopus Energy – Proactive Communication Options:

  • Personal experience with Octopus Energy, focusing on their renewable energy commitment.
  • Positive customer support experience and ease of communication.
  • Appreciation for their website design, style, and use of real images.
  • Discussion on Octopus Energy’s proactive communication about maintenance and energy-saving initiatives.

Key Takeaways:

  • Balancing simplicity with effective communication is crucial for engaging users.
  • Personalisation and clarity enhance user experience and encourage interaction.
  • Visual appeal and straightforward navigation can significantly impact how users perceive a brand’s communication efforts.

Original image by Michelangelo Buonarroti, Pexel

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