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Latest Articles

Walking the Two Moors Way for Charity

Next week, my school friend Sam Shaw (pictured on the left) and I (centre) will embark on an exciting adventure by walking the Two Moors Way. This trek, known for its stunning landscapes and challenging terrain, stretches across 117 miles of beautiful Devon countryside from Ivybridge in the south to Lynmouth in the north. It will be the furthest I have ever walked in one go, making this journey both a personal challenge and a meaningful endeavor.

Our walk aims to raise funds for Moor Trees, a charity dedicated to restoring native woodland in the area. Moor Trees’ mission is vital for preserving the natural environment and fostering biodiversity, and we are thrilled to support their efforts. By wild camping along the way, we hope to connect deeply with the landscapes Moor Trees works so hard to protect.

I haven’t undertaken a walk of this magnitude since my scouting days, which makes this trek even more significant. The journey will undoubtedly test our endurance and resolve, but with the knowledge that we’re contributing to such a worthy cause, we are confident and excited.

Glyn Darkin (pictured on the right), our usual walking buddy, was initially planning to join us for the entire trek but is now only able to join us for the last leg of the trip. His presence will be a welcome boost as we near the end of our journey.

Please consider supporting our fundraising efforts to help Moor Trees restore and maintain these precious woodlands. Every contribution will make a difference in preserving the natural beauty and ecological health of the region.

To make a donation, visit our Just Giving page. Your support is greatly appreciated!

IMC130 Create an amazing YouTube channel

Ben dives into the realm of YouTube Engagement, uncovering the keys to success in the ever-evolving world of online video content. Join us as we explore the strategies and techniques used by top creators to captivate audiences, boost subscriber numbers, and foster meaningful interactions.


If communication can fail, it will

Osmo Wiio’s laws on human communication. Via Jason Fried

  1. If communication can fail, it will.
  2. If a message can be understood in different ways, it will be understood in just that way which does the most harm.
  3. There is always somebody who knows better than you what you meant by your message.
  4. The more communication there is, the more difficult it is for communication to succeed.

Take heed of point two when posting to social media.

It’s a Judgment Call

From a Rework podcast episode.

‘Join Jason and David as they unravel the intricate dance between data-driven decisions and the art of making judgment calls, guiding listeners through trusting your gut and breaking free from external pressures when making product and pricing decisions.’

Ok the quote from the podcast show notes doesn’t sound exciting but the content is.

Three themes from the podcast I whole heartedly agree with, but don’t always follow:

  1. Just make a decision. You’ll only know the answer once your idea is being tested for real
  2. Trust your gut. Your intuition is build upon your experience and knowledge
  3. Sleep on it. Allow your built in AI to do the hard work for you

IMC117 Christmas Quiz Ho-Down!

To wrap up the last IMC episode of the year, we decided to spice things up with a live Christmas Ho-Down Quiz! Come along and join us, along with some of our clients, as we dive into marketing-themed quiz questions, unleash creative catchphrases, and engage in interactive activities. It’s a festive showdown you won’t want to miss!

IMC114: Focus On – Contact Forms

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We shine the spotlight on websites for major brands to review the good, the bad and the ugly. This month we turn our gaze to contact forms, dissecting their strengths and weaknesses. Reviewing how easy they are to find, access and navigate and whether they are visually interesting.


Dieter Rams pointing at things he doesn’t like

A clip from Gary Hustwit’s documentary “Rams”. I’ve not seen the full documentary yet but after watching this clip it went straight on my watch list.

“I find things like this unnecessary. We don’t need them.

We should forego them because we need the resources for better things”

How I feel about the design of some websites.

Ben Kinnaird thumbs up

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