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Get Started with A Simple Marketing Strategy

A starter strategy for marketing, SEO and social media and more.

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Get More Website Traffic and Win More Customers

How to engage your customers with remarkable content so you get found online.

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Get More Referrals with Five Star Reviews

How to ask for and get the best reviews so you can find more of your best customers.

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Latest Articles

IMC49: Perfect PR Marketing

PR marketing is a great way to increase brand visibility, website traffic and is also a key element for SEO. In this webinar Heidi Chamberlain-Jones shares her method on how to perfect your PR marketing strategy including how to build relationships with key journalists.


IMC47: How to write good website copy

Catherine Every shares her step-by-step process on how to write good web copy.

The presentation will touch on: Deciding on the structure of your website, how to research keywords and guidance on how to write great copy for your website.

We like working with Catherine on web projects as she understands how good copy can engage a reader and stimulate them into action.


IMC44: SEO Review

We invited SEO Expert, Chris Richard to review our new RI website! We don’t know exactly what ideas Chris will come up with but he always has insightful advice to improve our search ranking through his proven methods.


IMC42: TikTok Essentials

We have invited social media trainer, Jonathan Pollinger to introduce us to TikTok and share how it can build awareness of your business, help you to attract more customers, as well as boost sales and profits.


IMC41: Landing Page Review

During this session we will look at a selection of different landing pages and check to see whether they are giving the right message, are user friendly and share some advice on how to improve them.

It’s important to take that step back and see your homepage through your customers eyes to make sure it is working in a way you intended.


Google Analytics considered to breech GDPR

In The Register last month. Via ~this week in security~

The regulator ordered an unnamed website manager to strip Google Analytics out of their site, giving him a month to comply. It added: “Concerning the audience measurement and analysis services of a website, the CNIL recommends that these tools be used only to produce anonymous statistical data, thus allowing an exemption from consent if the data controller ensures that there are no illegal transfers.”

I see the beginning of a crack down

Watchdog calls for fines for influencers who fail to declare sponsorship

From The Guardian via Jonathan Pollinger

This month the advertising regulator named six social media celebrities, including Jodie Marsh and five former Love Island contestants, for repeatedly failing to tell followers when they were paid to promote products in posts.


“The market has blossomed, the influencer marketing market has doubled in two years and it’s very, very effective,” Lusty told MPs. “It’s much more powerful than traditional advertising techniques and it’s particularly powerful with younger people in persuading them to buy things.”

Recommendations from influencers (be they family, friends or online celebs) are incredibly powerful. It’s why referrals are often the top marketing source and the easiest prospects to sell to.

IMC37: Marketing Review – Looking back at the previous year and setting goals for 2022

In this episode we take stock of our marketing, discussing the importance of evaluating the year before and why you should set goals for the year ahead.

Ben is joined by Club Member Nicky Ayers from Ecl-ips as they both dive into their marketing strategies and share what went well, what is still a work in progress, what goals we’re working towards and how we’re going to tackle them.


Finding people to complement your weaknesses

Watch Amber Atherton share why it is important to find people who don’t mirror your strengths but supplement your weaknesses.

Amber Atherton, boss of tech firm Zyper (recently bought by Discord), says you need staff who are good at things you might not be.

BBC News

Don’t be afraid to find people who have a different set of strengths from you.

It’s time to flip the marketing funnel

Ecommerce, just like marketing, requires long-term investment to yield the best long-term results.

Promotion is the gasoline. The accelerant of not only sales, but brand essence. Yet, if you can’t control the experience, then a drop in price can lead to a drop of future brand value. It might even be better to hold back instead of leaping forward with the first discount that comes to hand.

Mediatel News

Think about the three Cs of Culture, Community and Commerce as you navigate your marketing funnel.

IMC Podcast #38: The best way to find keywords

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Ben shares the best way to find the keywords that people use to find services like yours online and how to optimise them.

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Coca Cola’s most memorable marketing blunders ever

Even the big brands can sometimes get it wrong…

The infamous error, which is still remembered 35 years later as a spectacular failure, was the release of “New Coke” – which saw the formula of what was and is still the most popular soda in the world changed for the first time in 99 years.

According to Coca-Cola, the launch of the product, which was pushed aside for the return of the original recipe just 79 days later, “spawned consumer angst the likes of which no business has ever seen”.

However, to fully understand the scope of the mistake, the soda company insists that one must first take into context the factors that “shaped the launch decision”

Inside the recipe tweak which sparked nationwide backlash, Independent

Make sure you listen to your consumers and don’t be afraid to reach out to them to ask for feedback.

Businesses having to adapt to lockdown-cultivated shopping behaviours

Has your business felt the impact of consumers being less impulsive and keen to spend?

The majority (63%) of global consumers say new behaviours adopted under lockdown now feel “normal”.

Brands are becoming less of a factor for 44% of global consumers when it comes to purchasing decisions, as the pandemic has aided consumers in learning to live with less and consume better.

There is less pressure for consumers to keep up with the latest gadgets and technology trends (41%)

Source: EY’s Future Consumer Index – By Marketing Week Reporters

IMC Podcast #37: Reviewing your Google My Business profile

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A clip from a joint webinar with Heidi from Minx Media where Ben goes through how to review and optimise your Google My Business profile.

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How personalisation can accelerate your business marketing

Another example why making the effort to personalise your marketing can help make you stand out against your competitors.

Boasting a growing loyalty membership and subscription base, Pets at Home is investing significantly in personalisation in a bid to boost its marketing effectiveness.

During the past six months, Pets at Home has launched over 300 targeted marketing campaigns and claims to have experienced a threefold increase in “supplier-driven communications”, improving response rates and marketing efficacy.

Manny Pham, Marketing Week