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Latest Articles

It’s a Judgment Call

From a Rework podcast episode.

‘Join Jason and David as they unravel the intricate dance between data-driven decisions and the art of making judgment calls, guiding listeners through trusting your gut and breaking free from external pressures when making product and pricing decisions.’

Ok the quote from the podcast show notes doesn’t sound exciting but the content is.

Three themes from the podcast I whole heartedly agree with, but don’t always follow:

  1. Just make a decision. You’ll only know the answer once your idea is being tested for real
  2. Trust your gut. Your intuition is build upon your experience and knowledge
  3. Sleep on it. Allow your built in AI to do the hard work for you

IMC117 Christmas Quiz Ho-Down!

To wrap up the last IMC episode of the year, we decided to spice things up with a live Christmas Ho-Down Quiz! Come along and join us, along with some of our clients, as we dive into marketing-themed quiz questions, unleash creative catchphrases, and engage in interactive activities. It’s a festive showdown you won’t want to miss!

IMC114: Focus On – Contact Forms

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We shine the spotlight on websites for major brands to review the good, the bad and the ugly. This month we turn our gaze to contact forms, dissecting their strengths and weaknesses. Reviewing how easy they are to find, access and navigate and whether they are visually interesting.


Dieter Rams pointing at things he doesn’t like

A clip from Gary Hustwit’s documentary “Rams”. I’ve not seen the full documentary yet but after watching this clip it went straight on my watch list.

“I find things like this unnecessary. We don’t need them.

We should forego them because we need the resources for better things”

How I feel about the design of some websites.

A visual guide to AI for small businesses

Dan Andrews from Scribey Sense joined a recent Cool Ventures workshop on ‘AI in Business’ and distilled it into useful ‘Cliffs Notes’. Amazing! Thanks Dan.

If you need a complex subject (like AI) distilling into visual simplicity, you should look him up.

In the spirit of AI and summarisation I asked Chat GPT4 to summarise his image.

The image is a colorful and creative infographic that seems to be aimed at small business owners, providing insights into the utilization of AI (Artificial Intelligence). It presents information in a casual and engaging manner, with various sections such as “Think of AI like an Assistant,” “Pro’s & Cons,” “What’s This Mean For Creatives?” and “Tips.”

  1. Think of AI like an Assistant: This section emphasizes that AI can help unblock obstacles, encouraging getting started with coding to accelerate one’s ideas.
  2. Pro’s & Cons: It warns the users to beware as AI might make stuff up, suggesting it’s great for outlines but needs human intervention for refinement.
  3. What’s This Mean For Creatives?: It addresses creatives specifically, advising them to ingest their work into the AI, but also highlighting that AI needs substantial hardware support. It also touches upon logo design, suggesting that a human designer is essential to finish up or improve the start made by the AI.
  4. Tips: Various tips are provided, such as always reviewing the outputs, being specific with commands, and experimenting.

Throughout the infographic, there are playful illustrations and visuals to make the content more digestible and engaging.

Image © Dan Andrews for Scribey Sense

Ben Kinnaird thumbs up

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