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What is the Inventive Marketing club?

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“I help businesses build a better strategy for marketing, web, social and video.

I’ve always loved working with people to help them move out of their comfort zone and become more effective in their marketing. It’s one of the reasons I started my Marketing Club.

I wanted a place to share the strategies I use with my clients, the tips and tools I find in articles and podcasts, and share learning from conferences I attend.”

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Club Membership

Just £25 / month – 30 day free trial

You will learn how to

  • Rank your website on page one
  • Increase conversions and win more business
  • Master SEO essentials
  • Be confident with your social media
  • Be a better marketer

Refund Guarantee – I’m confident you’ll get real value from the club but if you don’t just contact me within 30 days ask for your money back. 
Free Membership available for charities – No commitment, cancel anytime – All prices exclude VAT

Get a taste of membership

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Members will receive the following content:

  • Marketing review
    A 30-minute review of your website and marketing as part of our webinar
  • Marketing strategy courses
    Work through my marketing strategy training at your own pace. From the fundamentals to expert level marketing.
  • Weekly webinar
    Every week we cover a marketing topic to keep you up to date on marketing strategy, handy tools and interviews.
  • Interviews with guest experts
    Advice and tips on marketing, creativity and the web.
  • Access to the webinar archive
    Get access all previous webinars – now over three years of content
  • Audio Podcast of Club sessions
    Listen and learn while you walk the dog or wash the dishes
  • Discount codes and offers
    Discounts for marketing services copywriting, web development and search optimisation.
  • Downloads and resources
    Software, tools, worksheets and resources that I use to get marketing done every day.

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What members say about working with us

"Ben has been amazing. From helping to design the website through to coming up with innovative ideas to help the..."Guy Oldring
"Rather Inventive created an eye-catching, contemporary, clear, user-friendly website for us. We are often complimented about it. Very nice people..."Amy Watkins
"Quick to solve problems, always."
"It was an absolute pleasure to work with Ben at Rather Inventive. I wanted a clean, snappy, simple website, super..."Claire Walmsley-Moss
"Honest advice, great design and method of working."Dave Beddis
"I can't recommend Ben & Rather Inventive highly enough following the web design and development project delivered for Core Tree...."Jack McCaughtrie
"Ben is really positive and motivating, he comes across very genuine and easy to talk to. The monthly calls are..."Natalie
"My coaching website is now on page 1, 6 down from the top spot on Google search! I am so..."Abi Unwin
"Ben has the ability to clearly explain things in a non technical fashion, offering great advise and support. He made,..."Amanda Baker
"Very well presented. The turn of phrase for many aspects make the points that are covered memorable."

Some of the topics we cover include:

Tips and tricks to help you get your site to page one in Google.

Ideas on how to use email marketing effectively in your business.

Tools and strategies to grow your audience and social reach.

Understanding your audience and planning out your strategy.

How people find your site, tracking sales and setting goals.

Design, Development and coding tips and ideas.

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Sample webinar slides:

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Common questions

Who presents the webinar?

I do. My name is Ben Kinnaird and I’m the presenter for most of the club webinars. I’m very friendly and will make sure you feel welcome.

When are webinars recorded?

Webinars take place live at 10am every Friday (with some exceptions). They start on time and last at least 45 minutes.

How does a webinar work?

A webinar is just like watching a video on YouTube except that I’ll be presenting live. You’ll get a Zoom link and when it’s Friday at 10am just click the link and wait for the session to begin.

Can people see and hear me?

You’ll be able to see and hear me but you can choose whether to participate or turn on your mic or video. Feel free to attend in your comfy clothes at home or listen while you are having lunch at work.

Can I ask you questions on the webinar?

You’ll be able to ask questions at any time and I’ll make every effort to answer all of them. However you won’t be expected to contribute unless you want to.

If I missed the webinar, can I watch it later?

Yes you can watch the webinar later. We will send you a message a few days after the session with a full video recording. You can also access all previous webinars.

Can I have a trial month?

Yes, just signup you will be able to access everything in the club free for 30 days. You can cancel at any time.

Can I recommend topics?

Yes, please do. Send an email to [email protected] with something you’d like us to look into.

Can I invite a guest to the club?

Yes of course. You can invite any guest to one club webinar for free. To do this send an email [email protected] copying them in and I’ll add them to the guest list for the next session.

What if I don’t like the club? Do you offer a guarantee?

Yes! I’m confident you’ll get real value from the club but if you don’t just contact [email protected] within 30 days of your first payment and ask for your money back. 

Do you offer discounts to charities?

Yes, if you are a registered charity then you can become a Pro Member for FREE. Contact [email protected] and I’ll get you setup or watch this video to learn more.

Can I offer club access to my networking group?

Club membership is only for a single person though sharing content occasionally is fine. If you’d like to get membership for your company or group email me on [email protected].

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Join my Inventive Marketing Club

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Get a free mini Marketing Strategy

We don’t spam! Read our Privacy & Cookie Policy for more info.