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Watch the first 15 minutes of ‘How to get Five Star Reviews’ for a taster of club membership.

Every month, join me and other club members in The Inventive Marketing Club (IMC) to discuss marketing tips, current topics and answer your marketing questions.

No questions asked refund
I’m confident you’ll get real value from the club but if you don’t just contact within 30 days of your first event and ask for your money back. 

This months topic is productivity and what I’ve learned over the last 20 years to work efficiently and be effective as possible.

Stay ahead in the marketing game

The IMC is a monthly webinar focused around a marketing topic. We’ll keep you up-to-date with the latest marketing techniques and software plus we’ll put some rigour and strategy back into your marketing.

Access our entire back catalogue

Join today and get access to previous episodes along with slide handouts and helpful downloads. Previous topics include: marketing strategy, running an email campaign and video stats.

Be part of a friendly community

Look forward to regular contact with a bunch of people who run or work in small businesses, just like you.

Don’t get lost in the technical weeds

Each month we hold a Q&A with resident experts, plus specialist guests on key topics.

Recent reviews from my workshops

"Ben provided helpful and easy-to-follow advice. The latter is very important for me! He is clearly very knowledgeable."Abi McPherson
"Ben was really engaging, and ran a fun and informative session around e-mail marketing. I left feeling motivated and positive..."Laura Duggal
"Very approachable, creative and informative"Graeme
"They helped me get started"roger
"Great workshop, contents very clearly explained, felt I learnt a lot . Definitely worth attending. Thank you Ben."Alison Ferris

Remember – if you get value from the club ask for a refund
Contact within 30 days of your first event and ask for your money back. 

Get access to all previous content

Check out the titles below to see if I’ve already covered something you need to know about right now.
You’ll get access to all of these hour-long videos if you sign up today.

Google My Business walkthrough
From claiming your listing, setting the correct categories to optimising for local SEO

Understanding your customer
Learn to better fulfil your customers’ needs with more target products.

WordPress walkthrough
From logging in to posting your first blog article.

Blogging & Content Strategy
Developing a blog content strategy to get found online.

Image Editing
Best practices, how to prepare an image for the web or social media, handy tools and live demos.

Google Analytics
How people find your site, tracking sales and setting up a dashboard.

SEO Strategy
How to improve your website content and structure with an aim of getting to page one in Google.

How to get Five Star Reviews
And why they are good for SEO.

Get more out of LinkedIn
Get up to speed with LinkedIn and learn some of the key ways people use it to get new business.

YouTube Engagement
Understanding YouTube analytics and getting more engagement from your channel.

Using email marketing effectively 
Ideas on how to use email marketing effectively in your business.

Planning your marketing strategy
Getting your marketing machine going.

Common questions

Who is presenting the webinar?

Ben Kinnaird is the presenter for most of the club webinars. He has worked with a variety of businesses over his 20 year career helping them to grow braver, move out of their comfort zone and become more effective individuals.

How long is the webinar?

The webinar is 60 minutes long and starts and ends on time.

How does a webinar work?

A webinar is just like watching a video on YouTube except that I’ll be presenting live. I’ll send you a link when the webinar is about to start. Just click the link and wait for the session to start.

Can people see and hear me?

You’ll be able to see and hear me but I cannot see or hear you. So feel free to attend in your comfy clothes if you are at home or listen while you are having lunch.

Can I ask you questions on the webinar?

You’ll be able to ask questions at any time and I’ll make every effort to answer all of them. However you won’t be expected to contribute unless you want to.

If I missed the webinar can I watch it later?

Yes you can watch the webinar later. Our software will send you an email about an hour after the session ends with a full video recording. You’ll miss out on asking questions but the rest of the content will be there.

Can I recommend topics?

If you watch live you get a chance to vote for the topic you’d like to learn about next time.

What if I don’t like the club?

I offer a No questions asked refund. I’m confident you’ll get real value from the club but if you don’t just contact within 30 days of your first event and ask for your money back.