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IMC126: Focus On: Unconventional Websites

In recognising that a website can go beyond the standard, typical format, we dive into the realm of unconventional websites and review innovative designs challenging norms and discuss their potential drawbacks.


Websites we discussed:

  • Rather Inventive Marketing discusses unconventional websites that break away from standard formats, exploring innovative designs and their potential drawbacks.

Highlighted Websites

  • Paralax: A website featuring parallax scrolling and captivating animations, showcasing a product effectively.
  • Falling Falling: A visually engaging website with interactive elements, offering a mesmerizing experience without clear objectives.
  • The Electric Boogie Woogie of Work,” demonstrating creativity but lacking clear purpose.
  • The Useless Web, a platform randomly redirecting users to quirky websites, fostering curiosity.
  • Zombie Passions, a niche dating site catering to zombie enthusiasts, though its execution falls short.
  • Miagui: A creative agency’s website, boasting confidence in showcasing portfolio work with dynamic visuals.
  • Falcon House creatively integrating testimonials and postcards in picture frames, reflecting the B&B’s ambiance.

Key Points:

  • Emphasises the importance of breaking away from conventional website designs to stand out.
  • Discusses the balance between innovation and functionality, acknowledging the potential pitfalls of overly complex designs.
  • Highlights the significance of clear objectives and user experience in website design.

Original image by Michelangelo Buonarroti, Pexel

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