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IMC112: BizSmart interviews Ben Kinnaird

Ben takes the hot seat as Granger Forson interviews him on BizSmart Gloucestershire, the radio station dedicated to providing businesses with expert advice for shaping their success. Listen to gain insights from Ben’s professional perspective.


About Rather Inventive

  • Rather Inventive
  • Give advice on marketing
  • Help businesses share what they do with people who care
  • Understanding customer needs

What Rather Inventive is good at

  • Support / Encouragement – Nudge
  • Helping overcome hurdles – Focused
  • Technical
  • Web design
  • SEO
  • Strategy

What business look like today

  • Provide support – or do the work
  • Cover all digital – SEO, Ads, Web, Social
  • Small company 3 people – Like a freelancer +
  • Engage other freelancers for the rest
  • Turnover consistent but profit increased
  • Focus on recurring revenue, subscriptions – Coaching – Hosting

Rather Inventive’s journey

  • Started out just web dev
  • Split from prev company – started 2009 – Wanted to be fully remote
  • Didn’t want to wait for work – help generate it
  • Focus on marketing – providing advice
  • Setup marketing surgery – one person 🙁
  • Workshops worked – now a core
  • Free works best – get someone to help organise

What makes us different

  • We listen 
  • Responsive
  • I understand full range of marketing 
  • Help people solve own problems
  • Marketing club – regular – share marketing advice – started almost 4 yrs ago
  • Honest about pricing – fair – long term clients

What problem are we solving

  • Helping make decisions
  • Overcome hurdle
  • Confidence
  • I don’t know their industry – but I do know how to support

What we have learnt

  • Being efficient
  • Focus on people in the moment
  • Try not to get distracted
  • Jason Fried – Basecamp – Managers of one
  • Book Getting things done
  • Book A world without email

What we would do differently if I spoke to my younger self

  • Be more confident with ability
  • Price accordingly
  • Strategy, execution, people, cash
  • Focus on the long term, build steady
  • Build business one client at a time