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IMC121: Make your business 10x greater

Join us as we look at ways to make your business grow by envisioning a transformative journey that aims to make your enterprise 10 times greater.


Themes instead of goals

  • Focus on a general idea for the year or each quarter
  • Idea from CGP Grey. Cortex podcast
  • Explainer video
  • More powerful than a resolution or Goal

Less Marketing BS

  • Bring back the humanity. Social
  • Don’t just post more of the same rubbish
  • Make it more fun

Measure the right things

  • Don’t collect all the data you can
  • Use data to support decisions, not make them

Reduce environmental impact

  • Life isn’t about taking what you can while you can. Profile
  • Benefits: Saves money, Right thing to do 
  • Understand your impact
  • Carbon reduction plan
  • Tools: Small99 | Zero Ecologi Dashboard

Giving people ownership of jobs

Build better habits

  • Delegate but verify don’t micro manage
  • Why you should be greener and more environmentally friendly
  • Don’t repeat the same goals as last year

Image by Ann H, Pexel

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