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IMC120: Using ChatGPT for Marketing

Attention all small business owners eager to harness the transformative power of AI for your enterprise and expand your network—join us we delve into the realm of AI chatbots and their potential to revolutionize your business.



Create social posts from Eventbrite listing

Create marketing strategy

  • Create 3 months marketing strategy to promote new dog sitting service in Bath
  • Next write an home page content outline targeting keyword dog sitter bath for the same company

And website outline

  • GPT4: Based on website outline above create WordPress Gutenberg block syntax for the homepage

Write code to make a JS countdown widget

  • Write JS code to make a count down to Christmas widget for a website
  • Add CSS styling to the code to make it festive with red and green colours
  • Make this into a WordPress shortcode so I can add this inline with other text

Tips when using ChatGPT:

  • Ask as if it’s a person
  • Be specific
  • Experiment
  • Always review the output
  • Canva image generation
  • Magic Media image and video

Canva Image Generator

  • Canva AI Image Generator
    • Create design, insta post
    • Apps
    • Show Dali, add magic
    • Prompt: Logo for dog sitting service. Include text ‘Good Boy’
    • Playful, square

Try making animated logo 

  • Prompt: Dog, sitting with animated wagging tail, playful illustration style

AI Comparison on Canva, ChatGPT4 and Dali

  • Prompt: Logo for dog sitting service. Include text ‘Good Boy’
  • Prompt: Great but make the dog smile and wink
  • Prompt: Perfect, just change the colour of the dog to Blue

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