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IMC15: How we make our podcast

Ben shares everything we do to create our Rather Inventive podcast, including lessons learnt, stats and helpful tools.


What is a podcast?

  • On-demand radio show
  • Daily, weekly, monthly
  • In a series
  • Generally audio only
  • Over 550,000 on Apple Podcasts in more than 100 languages (June 2018)
  • 49% people listen at home
  • Podcast listeners are loyal and affluent
  • 81% of people take action as a result of listening to a podcast


Why did we start a podcast?

  • Used to record radio shows on tape recorder
  • Chatted with Al regularly, good to share
  • Great opportunity to meet people
  • Wanted to learn

If you’ve not subscribed to the podcast please do at

  • April 1st 2014 First show with Nick Van der Walle
  • November 2018 – First video podcast
  • December 2018 – Moved entire podcast to video
  • October 2019 – Interview with Nick again!
  • March 2020 – Latest podcast with a magician

Over 90 recordings!


‘Two guys chatting’
Interview show
Reporter / NPR
One voice

Our process


Structure has evolved
Show notes
List out questions
Practice your start and ending
Script for Podcast running order (template)


It started with an interview
Interview people that inspire you or youraudiencee
Scheduling – Doodle, Calendly
Script for Inviting a guest onto your podcast/vlog (template)


Audacity, Quicktime
Zoom, Demio
iPhone (front and back cameras)
External microphone – reducing echo (I use Shure MV5)


We edit for audio consistency
Audio only – Fission, Quicktime, Audacity
Video – iMovie, Final Cut, Adobe Premier, Shotcut
Music – Intro, background music, Envato Elements (£13/mo, Free account 12 free files/month)


Titles – Informative / funny
Graphics – Find the smile
YouTube (free), SoundCloud (£125/yr) / Libsyn (£52/yr)


Share on Twitter and LinkedIn. I prefer LinkedIn
Better to share direct link to video/media or teaser clip
Tag in any guests. Share link by email


How to ask. Pitch an idea Insert or live read Industry standard CPM £10-20
Charge what you think it is worth
Script for Asking for sponsorship (template)
Starting something newTakes a lot of effort and planning
Want to focus on RI, not just guests
Build up IMC
Marketing currently too diverse
Re-use current material

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