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IMC3: YouTube Engagement

Understanding YouTube analytics and getting more engagement from your channel.


Why use video

Easy for visitors to watch Helps with SEO

YouTube stats

Worlds 2nd largest search engine 63 million daily viewers Average CPV $0.044 (3p)

Selmach Case study
Reduced dropout Increase subscribers Get more goals


  • YouTube delivered most visits and often goals
  • Review stats and optimise engagement
  • Want to increase subscribers to get more website visits and goals
  • Most visits from YouTube
  • Traffic source
High drop off during static title image

Subscriptions increase

YouTube Optimisation tips

  • Optimise keywords
  • Research what people are looking for Similar rules as on page SEO
  • Add keywords into the title
  • Videos indexed faster than web pages
  • Get to the action within the first five seconds Remove boring bits to keep the pace
  • Don’t be boring
  • Know your audience
  • Watch other videos your audience might like
  • Check your retention stats to see where people drop out
  • Ask for action
  • Include a call to action
  • Link to your website in the first two lines of the description production