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IMC77 Video Marketing with Dan Barker

Ben is joined by Dan Barker from Dan Barker Studios in Herefordshire to discuss how to use video in your business marketing.


Why customers are asking for video?

  • People are seeing a lot more video out there and realising how much more information you can share
  • Brings products and services to life
  • Gives a sense of the company and people
  • Enables you to relate more easily to people
  • Feels more authentic

What can video do for me?

  • Video gets optimised in SEO, it’s a very affective way to be found on youtube which is owned by Google so it does help to boost your SEO
  • It allows the company to show reality and humanity on what you do
  • Illustrates the benefits of the product and services available more easily
  • Showcasing client testimonials

What are the different video formats you can use within your business?

  • Dan Barker’s 9 Video Ideas PDF download

What video format is more effective?

  • Homepage video – is good for SEO and as an introduction to your company. If you curate a story rather than short video clips you can encourage visitors to stay longer
  • Product Videos also known as Explainer videos – to illustrate the benefits of a product or service
  • Company Introduction videos – try to ensure these are no longer than 3mins in length
  • Testimonial Videos – build a bank of video testimonials. If a customer is willing to go on video they must be pretty happy. Also offers additional exposure for your brand as the customer is likely to share the video within their own networks.
  • Social Videos – Shorter clips extracted from the videos above can help grab people’s attention. Consider also playing with humour within these.

Thriving Three Counties Mastermind Community

The Thriving Three Counties Mastermind Community is a membership group for local business owners. We meet up on and offline to support each other to grow and develop our businesses.

Thriving Three Counties Podcast with Dan Barker

Dan Barker interviews inspiring business people and entrepreneurs within the three counties of Herefordshire, Worcestershire and Gloucestershire.

We hear their stories, how they started running their own business, as well as the successes, failures and lessons learnt along the way.

The aim of the podcast is to inspire others, at the same as connecting more people within this great region of the UK.

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