Henryka’s social media success

Henryka is a specialist in amber and silver jewellery. They have a shop in Hereford and their website is www.henryka.co.uk.

I spoke to Leah, who manages their website and marketing, to find out more about how they are using social media.

The first thing I wanted to know was why Henryka decided to use social media. For Leah, the answer was simple. They wanted a way to get more attention and raise brand awareness. Leah knew how popular social media was and knew it offered a way to interact with existing customers and reach out to new ones cost-effectively. Plus most members of the team used social media and they knew how often they interacted with brands on sites like Facebook. Henryka and Facebook seemed like a perfect fit.

Having set up Henryka´s Facebook page, the next step was to build up “likes”. At first, their approach was very simple: everyone got in touch with their friends and asked them to “like” the page.

After that, a more formal approach was needed. The technical term would be integrating online and offline marketing. In practice, as Leah explained, this simply means putting postcards on display and into customers´ bags whenever they buy anything. Sometimes these postcards simply let people know about their Facebook page, but Leah says they get a better response when they offer an incentive. For example, one promotion asked people to find a particular pair of earrings on the website, then post the URL on the Facebook wall to get a code that would entitle them to get the earrings free on their next visit to the shop. A fantastic example of raising awareness of not only the Facebook page but the website too!

Of course, social media means just that – you have to be social and interact with people. Henryka´s Facebook page is very active. Leah keeps the page up to date with competitions, “pieces of the day”, upcoming promotions and videos – all things likely to interest fans of the shop and keep them visiting. Fans also interact with lots of positive and enthusiastic comments and recommendations.

Leah and the team´s hard work has been very worthwhile. At the beginning of February 2012, the page had 174 “likes”. Just six weeks later, it has 284 “likes”. Facebook is a central part of Henryka´s marketing strategy now and Leah´s plans on doing more of the same in terms of promotion.

She´s also keen to explore other social media sites. Henryka´s owner, Anna, attended a Rather Inventive workshop on Understanding Twitter, and Leah has been keeping a Twitter feed up-to-date. In Leah´s opinion, it´s been less successful than Facebook, but she´s determined to crack it. And following attending a Rather Inventive workshop on Understanding LinkedIn she´s going to start exploring this too. Watch this space!

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