Marketing fundamentals

Whatever your approach to internet marketing having the following in place will see you in good stead.


  1. 20 word company objective: What you do and how you help people
  2. Company Gmail account to use with google services and as a general notification email e.g
  3. LinkedIn account for the business owner with the minimum of an well lit photo, professional headline and summary
  4. At least one company social network account (Twitter/Facebook Page/Pinterest/Instagram) setup with a logo (or photo) and short bio
  5. Website with at least one page explaining what you do, how you help people and how to contact you
  6. Google Analytics setup on website
  7. Google Search Console setup and verified
  8. Google My Business page setup for all stores/locations
  9. List of key marketing assets. This includes social media and Google passwords plus a folder for company logos and photos
  10. Spreadsheet to log business numbers: leads, orders, income and profit in each month

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