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IMC Podcast #2 Building on your SEO strategy

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This episode is taken from an interview with my colleague Chris Richards on how he ranked his own website to compete against the big comparison sites in the pursuit of Google search traffic Chris shares some of the strategies and tools he uses for local SEO, on-page optimisation, keyword research and his in-depth SEO site audit.

I really enjoy talking with Chris about SEO and I know you’ll take away a lot from this conversation.

PS Longtime listeners will hear an appearance from Al Osmond my co-host in the original run of the Something Inventive Podcast.

Episode Notes

‘It’s a journey, not a sprint, it takes time’

Chris Richards, SEO Expert, Utility Saving Expert

4 Main SEO Principles

  • On Page
  • Off Page
  • Technical
  • Content

Local SEO

  • Make sure local area is sufficiently referenced on your website
  • Onpage and page titles are you referencing your local area?
  • Make sure you are represented in local directories
  • Sign up for a Google My Business Account

Basic SEO you need to get right

  • Make sure that your site can be crawled effectively by Google bots i.e. do you have an effective page linking system
  • Is your keyword in your Title Tag, Heading 1, First Paragraph Tag, Main Content without keyword padding.
  • Do keyword research to see what people are searching for and what your competitors are ranking for.

Keyword Research

  • Free option is to use Keyword planner in Google Ads
  • Google your site with ‘site:domainname’ to search what Google is ranking

SEO a constant journey

  • Scientific approach to seeing what is an actual ranking factor
  • Google keeps changing the algorhythm so need to constantly review your site and content
  • Ranking factors will vary depending on your business niche

Laser Focused SEO Report

  • Rather Inventive collaboration with Chris Richard on SEO report consists of full audit of the entire site to see how well optimised it is on keywords, authoritive site is ranking, comparison against competitors, quality of backlinks, how fast the site is among other elements.
  • Provide recommendations on how to improve ranking position
  • Video explanation to share information in layman terms