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IMC12: Google My Business walkthrough

In this Google My Business walkthrough Ben covers everything from claiming your listing, setting the correct categories to optimising for SEO


Why use Google My Business (GMB)

  • Only way to get into the local pack
  • Small factor (<9%) in regular SEO
  • Get a knowledge panel Collect reviews
  • Control of your map listing – Anyone with a Google account could: suggest an edit, post photos, ask awkward questions

Screen-share of Google My businessCreating/claiming a listing

Getting your profile info order

  • Title – Your company name plus keywords if they read well
  • Categories – Help ranking. First category is the most important as visible on profile
  • Location – Add address if customer come to you e.g. shop, office. Get the map pin right e.g. 7 Stirling Works, Love Ln, Cirencester GL7 1YG
  • or Services areas (max 20) if you travel to customers
  • Opening hours
  • Special hours  – eg xmas day
  • Phone number – Could use a special number to track calls from listing
  • Google Ads phone
  • Shortname – Create a shortlink to your map page e.g. Doesn’t work for all categories
  • Links – Web, Appointment ?utm_source=google&utm_medium=local&utm_campaign=gmb_listing
  • Highlights – Google will recommend ones you can add e.g Sink Green
  • Description – Does not impact on rank, could help conversions. Show what you can do and how you help

Add Products / Services

  • Recent updates to this as now split into categories, worth reviewing
  • May have products instead (dependant on category)

Add Photos and videos


  • Anything that showcases your business
  • Identity – Business logo, cover image, etc
  • Team – your team in action, around the office, etc
  • If you category allows: 360, Inside and out of office or store


  • A welcome video or tour of the store
  • Why your company stands out versus the competition
  • The company mission, and goals.
  • An inside look at daily operations and customer interactions
  • Customer testimonials
  • Owner, employees, or customers interviews
  • Answer FAQs


  1. What’s New – Limited to seven days, can be up to 1000 words. General updates, blog posts, customer showcase
  2. Events – Promote an event you are hosting, involved in, or supporting. All events require a title, start & end dates, and time. Add a description and details too.
  3. Offers: If you are having any promotions, sales, or coupons, you can use this post type to showcase them. Like events, offers also require titles, start & end dates, and time-frame. The “View offer” CTA is automatically added.

Questions & answers

  • Make sure to monitor, I don’t always get emails
  • Create your own FAQs
  • Perhaps ask clients to seed the questions for you?


Other tips

  • If have duplicate listings, incorrect details. Get someone else to ‘Suggest an Edit’ very powerful way of correcting mistakes
  • Call tracking on website – Change phone number depending on website source. Speak with Ben if you’d like to implement this
  • Add extra users – For marketing team or in case you lose access

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