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Category: Photography

Have you been contacted by PicRights about copyright infringement?

Shannon Rawlins sheds some light on this shady company. Via Fran Roberts.

‘No, PicRights is not a scam. What they are doing is entirely legal. In fact, they are serving to enforce the already-existing laws surrounding copyright. They have major clients and work with real law firms.

However, just because it’s not an illegal scam, that doesn’t mean what they are doing is right.

Hounding people for money and threatening to take them to court if they don’t pay up is unscrupulous, especially when they instigate the case themselves, not on behalf of the copyright-owner.’

If you’ve been contacted by a company claiming that you have used an image or video without permission. Take the notice seriously but don’t panic and read the article above first.

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IMC19: Architectural Photography

I’m joined by Jack Nelson (Photographer) to discuss why great photography is crucial to show your property in the best light.


The importance of great photography

  • Why is it worth the time and money?
  • Examples: Exterior Croome Court, Interior Croome Court & Heath Town

Get the lighting right

Examples: Kensington Palace & 3D Render image comparison


  • Interior or exterior
  • Make sure everything is neat and tidy
  • Image examples: Airbnb Slide 17 & Airbnb Slide 18
  • Light and bright  
  • Dark and Dull  
  • Trace of life

Video walkthrough

  • Drone or Handheld
  • Understand the layout and flow better than photos
  • 3D Experiences

3D Experiences

Matter Port

  • User lead, Immersive, Fun
  • System to capture and display 3D Photography Visitors explore in their own time
  • Ideal for estate agents, also great for holiday lets and shops 
  • Make your own Matterport 3D on iPhone
  • Matterport demo on

Augmented Reality (AR)

  • Move freely within 3D space View products in situ 
  • Communion AR example and commentary video

IMC8: Image Editing

Best practices, how to prepare an image for the web or social media, handy tools and live demos.


File formats

Formats (JPEG, PNG, EPS SVG) Compression
Best pixel size


(respective sizes of example artwork)
147KB   12KB   2KB    324KB


5760 x 3840 (resolution of example photo)

(respective sizes of example artwork)
JPEG 20%    JPEG 40%.   JPEG 80%    JPEG 100%
471KB           628KB          1.4MB            9.7MB

Image dimensions

At least 1500px on the smallest edge
Recommend 3000px
Start with the biggest image possible
Always keep the original

Naming images

Describing an image to someone over the phone
Describe the content of the image in text
Add keywords if you can, may show up in Google image search
Name before you upload

A tabby cat in a wicker basket.jpg (example file name)

Live demos

Cutting out an image – Colour correction
Social profile icon
Social post
YouTube thumbnail – Podcast cover art

Finding legal images online

Free and paid image libraries
Free –
Free –
Free –
Free –
(make sure you check license is for commercial use)

£14/mo –
Other paid options (Adobe Stock, 123RF, Getty images)

Media Selection tips

Show don’t tell – Product in action
Evoke emotion – Include people
Draw up a shortlist, use light boxes
Test out with previews before committing

Useful image processing apps

Free – (image editor, browser based)
Free – (image editor and layout, browser based)
£22 – (image editor, macOS only)
Free – (image compressor, macOS only)
Free + paid – (image compressor, browser and WordPress)
£49 – (multi image processor)
Free – Digital Colour Meter (colour picker, macOS only)

Hobbyist photographers – Why you should invest in a professional

It is truly amazing what we can all achieve with a mobile phone camera but you need to be realistic. When it comes to producing stunning imagery for your business, it really is worth getting the professionals in.

We see so many hobbyist photographers who believe they are saving money by taking the photos themselves but in fact, it’s costing them in the long run.


A professional photographer provides experience, knowledge & creative flair

When you hire a professional photographer you are hiring someone who does photography for a living. They have a wealth of experience they can apply to any given situation and will strive to capture your vision. Photography is an art and it’s not at all as simple as point and shoot. They are thinking about their depth of field, lighting, angle, overall composition and scene to tailor the photography style to your industry. It takes years of practice to hone their skill and develop their creative flair to enable them to deliver breathtaking shots that enthusiasts can only dream of.

The skill is not only taking the original shot but also being able to adjust and edit the photos depending on your photo requirements. Whether the colours need to be punchier or the background needs enhancing, editing photos can take hours. To do it well takes experience, practice, and creativity usually on expensive software.

Customers can judge in an instant from the presentation of a product whether or not it is right for them. Using a professional photographer will only increase your chances of getting their attention and for the right reasons.


Investing in stock images could be an alternative answer

If hiring a professional photographer is currently beyond your means then consider investing in some stock images. There are many libraries online like EveryPixel, Adobe Stock and Flickr who provide a range of free and inexpensive images for all to use. Just remember if you opt for this, other people will also be using these images, maybe even your competitors so they won’t be unique to your business. If you want to stand out and have professional, unique images which represent your brand, then you have invested in a professional photographer.


It doesn’t have to be expensive

If you value how your business is perceived then invest. This doesn’t have to be overly expensive, many photographers will tailor a bespoke package to your needs and means. Or for ease if mind, you can always purchase an off the shelf deal so you know exactly what you can expect. On Inventive People we offer lots of options to enable us to meet our clients’ needs.


Image courtesy of Pexel