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IMC85 Working with a Professional Photographer

Ben is joined by Herefordshire based photographer and videographer, Dan Barker from Dan Barker Studios to discuss why it is important to work with a professional photographer when marketing your business.


We asked Dan about his approach to creating visually stunning and impactful images for businesses, as well as discussing some common mistakes and best practices for using photography in marketing campaigns. So whether you’re a marketer looking to improve your visual storytelling or a business owner looking to elevate your brand’s image, this episode is not to be missed.

Questions we covered:

  • Why you should work with a professional photographer?
  • Approach to creating visually stunning and impactful images for clients
  • The process that a professional photographer works through and common mistakes to avoid
  • How to brief a photographer to get the most out of their services

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Image: A black camera on yellow background by Ivan Babydov | Headshot by Dan Barker Studios

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