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IMC19: Architectural Photography

I’m joined by Jack Nelson (Photographer) to discuss why great photography is crucial to show your property in the best light.


The importance of great photography

  • Why is it worth the time and money?
  • Examples: Exterior Croome Court, Interior Croome Court & Heath Town

Get the lighting right

Examples: Kensington Palace & 3D Render image comparison


  • Interior or exterior
  • Make sure everything is neat and tidy
  • Image examples: Airbnb Slide 17 & Airbnb Slide 18
  • Light and bright  
  • Dark and Dull  
  • Trace of life

Video walkthrough

  • Drone or Handheld
  • Understand the layout and flow better than photos
  • 3D Experiences

3D Experiences

Matter Port

Augmented Reality (AR)

  • Move freely within 3D space View products in situ 
  • Communion AR example and commentary video