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IMC82 Open Club Website & Marketing Review

We open the club and invite two guest members Barnaby Tompkins (Coltswold Hound) and Alison Creighton (Doodle Dogs) to have a website & marketing review where we will share SEO tips, content ideas and different ways they can draw more traffic to their website.


Cotswold Hounds – Site Review Notes

Goal to get more people to visit the site and to be higher up on Google Search results

  • Keywords – Dog Training Cheltenham
    • Try and get this phrase on the page as much as possible in a relevant manor or variations of these keywords.
    • Where possible ensure you use Dog Training and not just training throughout your site.
    • Look at what keywords your competitor uses and how many times they use.
    • Text Optimiser Tool shares examples of missing words you could use on your site.
  • Add in addresses of venues you work from with specific locations to help get the keyword Cheltenham onto the page.
  • Break up big blocks of text on the page with headings, bullet points, possibly make your font slightly larger so easier to read.
  • Add in more images, action images of you working with the dogs.
  • Create video clips of customers giving feedback on training, you explaining what the course will entail or FAQS this will help take away the effort of the person visiting your site having to read big walls of text.
  • Create summary anchor links at the top of the page i.e. Services. Products etc which then jump down to the associated section further down the page to help your site visitor find the information they want quickly.
  • Move your accreditations lower down the page as crowding the header and explain importance of them (unless hugely important to have in the header)
  • Page load speed is good on Pingdom
  • Consider creating more internal link pages through blog & news content and knowledge sharing. Ensure these pages link back to key pages on your site.
  • Feature yourself on the website more as people invest in people.

Doodle Dogs – Site Review Notes

Goal to get more people to visit the site and to be higher up on Google Search results

  • Like header image being of you and a dog you train and not just a stock image – You are the USP.
  • Look at developing more news/blog knowledge sharing content on the website.
    • New puppy – what do you need to do when you first get a puppy
    • Everything you need to do when you get your dog – a printable checklist
  • Pick keywords and ensure you use them through your website in Headings, Titles, Text body as much as possible in a relevant manner and variations of.
  • Try to keep your menu line to one line. Seperate out Puppy Training and Dog Training as seperate services.
  • Get more customer testimonials on the website. Ask them to do it before they leave your session a much higher return rate can be expected from this.
  • Make a Google My Business page which will help with SEO, Customer Reviews and Location.
  • Great to see venue information on the site – could merge with the contact page than having it as seperate page to reduce pages on the menu line?
  • Links & Offers – try to shorten title to one or two phrase, add more links if you can.
  • Contact page – Add in booking links, fix contact form layout error, can insert an intent within the message box, change submit button to read as ‘Send’.
  • Site speed a little slower than you’d like. Try using Hummingbird Plugin to compress html/titles. Ensure images are optimised for the web with Smush plugin. There are free versions of both of these plugins.
  • Break up content by alternating text and images in two columns down the page.
  • Reduce logo accredition sizes
  • Make more use of your footer space. Add logos, a copy of the menu, areas you serve, social links.
  • Compare what your competitors are doing and see what you can do better.

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