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IMC67: Google Analytics GA4 Walkthrough

Ben takes us on a tour of GA4 the new version of Google analytics. You’ll get to see how to transition to GA4, tracking visitors and logging conversions.


Google Analytics (GA4) Walkthrough

  • Where do new users come from?
  • Which Pages get the most views?
  • Which sources generated conversions?

What is GA4?

  • Update to Universal Analytics
  • Can work across multiple platforms, web and app
  • Free tool to track people who visit your website
  • Uses Machine Learning to help surface interesting data

Terms you should know

  • Users – Unique visitors
  • Sessions – A block of time spent on your site
  • Bounce rate – A single page visit
  • Pages/session – Pages viewed in one session
  • Conversions – A desired outcome. Page visit

What are you trying to measure?

  • Sales, Downloads, Form fills?
  • Social engagement?
  • Best marketing channels?
  • What questions do you want answered

Migrating to GA4

  • Normal Google Analytics also known as Universal Analytics
  • UA stop data collection Jul 2023

GA4 Walkthrough Demo

Here’s a rough outline of what was covered in the walkthrough:

GA4 Home

  • Explanation of the new quick view dashboard
  • Defaulted to view last 7 days and active users
  • A runthrough of the comparisions between the new version and previous period
  • Insights 

GA4 Reports

  • Quick overview of the new Reports snapshot
  • Demonstration of how to change data range – Show comparison
  • Mention other sections. Realtime through to Tech

Installing GA4

  • How to setup new account
  • Create new property. GA4 by default
  • What happens to your existing Universal Analytics property
  • Easy to follow installation instructions:
    • In Admin look for GA4 Assistant
    • I want to create a new Google Analytics 4 property
    • Enable data collection using your existing global site tag(s)
    • Add a small script to your site
    • Data Streams > Selmach > View tag instructions >. Install manually

Here are the key questions you want answered in Google Analytics

Where do new users come from?

  • Reports Snapshot
  • Click through to ‘View user acquisition’ (left)
  • Run through table
  • Engaged sessions. Hover over dotted line for explanation
  • Mention conversions
  • Explain what direct means
  • Difference between Traffic and New users

How to find which Pages get the most views?

  • Reports Snapshot
  • Click ‘View pages and screens’ (right)
  • Change view to ‘Page path’ if this helps
  • Ordered by most page views

What are you top conversions?

Which sources generated sales?

  • Click ‘View Conversions’ (bottom middle)
  • Add ‘First user default group’

How to add new conversion

  • Configure
  • Click Create Event
  • Click Create
  • Name: purchase
  • Param1: event_name = page_view
  • Param2: page_location  contains /checkout/order-received/
  • Click Create
  • Conversions 
  • Click ‘New Conversions Event’
  • Add event name ‘purchase.
  • Click save

Which are the top landing pages?

  • Goto Explore
  • Select blank
  • Select last 30 days
  • Add Page path to Dimension
  • Add Entrance, Exits to Metrics
  • Drag Page path to rows
  • Drag Entrance and Exits to Values
  • Can see which pages people landed on

Which campaigns are working best?

Use for external ads or QR codes

  • Reports > Acquisition > Traffic acquisition
  • Change default Channel grouping to Session Campaign
  • Can add other column
  • Search source. Add First user source

Campaign URL generator

How to Download or Share or Analytic Report

  • Reports snapshot
  • Cannot schedule reports yet

Edit reports

  • Reports snapshot
  • Click pencil
  • Click Add Cards
  • Click Other cards
  • Search for conversions by default
  • Tick and add card
  • Move to second row
  • Save

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