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IMC66: Rationale behind brand design

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We are joined by Flying Lizard designer Charlotte Smirthwaite Walker to discuss how she develops a brand and the rationale process she works through with a client.


Developing a company brand

  • How to build a brand
  • The importance of starting with a vision statement and an idea of your company objectives to get the ball rolling for creating your brand. Discussing what ‘The Dream’ was when they decided to start the company. Why did they start it, what did they want to achieve? etc.
  • Company ethos (which is linked to ‘The Dream’) and the type of clients they’re aiming to reach, what the priorities are in terms of results.
  • The importance of symbolism when designing the overall look and feel of the brand, use of colour and subject.
  • The fact that the brand is your shop window to the world – what would they like the world to see and what messages do they want to convey?
  • Finding their USP and subsequently coming up with something that differentiates from the competition.
  • The results of bad branding – a brand that doesn’t fit the company and its offering. Misconceptions that might arise in prospective clients. Lack of conversion when clients start to become more involved in the process and they realise that the offering isn’t what they were looking for or is unsuitable.