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IMC62: The Second Phase of Our SEO Audit

SEO expert Chris Richards (Utterly Digital) returns to guide us through phase two of our SEO audit. After completing the suggestions he recommended earlier this year we will see how these improvements have impacted the site and look at the next steps to help us build more traffic and gain more sales.


Three Sections of SEO

  • Great Content – to give you a good authority on that content
  • Good techinical background to your website i.e. easy to use, loads correctly, fast. Google is able to navigate and read your site correctly
  • Good Quality Backlinks – Quality over quantity. 3-5 links which act as a vote of confidence on your content

Dont’t be blinded by too much science. The key to success is great content. The key to sustaining your google ranking is by having good quality backlinks to validate your content.

Corner Stone Article

  • Have a call to action above the fold
  • Have a link to call to action in the body of text
  • Have another call to action below the video

Internal Linking

  • Need to link more pages back to the club page
  • Link out to more authoritive sources i.e. chartered institute of marketing
  • Don’t link to competitors
  • Make sure your links are relevant
  • Add more stats and facts on why you recommend something

Create Relevant Content

  • How to Set up a Google Business Listing
    • Create blogs and video
    • Review current number 1 ranking content and rework to be better/unique
    • Word count minimum 1000 – 1500 but don’t pad the word count as it has to have structure and be relevant.
    • Link in your own related content around the article – to effectively give your content a topic cluster

  • How to be Better at Marketing Article
    • Develop more content for each section within the article to make the overall article a pillar piece
    • Keyword research – look at your competitors to plan what content to write first
    • Start with the easiest content to write that will be easy to rank and get more traffic on
    • Plan your entire cluster content plan – try to deliver 1-2 pieces per month – publish fortnightly
    • Make sure keywords are within anchor text

Good Quality Backlinks

  • Often an area which gets overlooked but is integrel to maining your google ranking
  • Try to get 3-5 links on your site.
  • A link can cost anything from £100 – £3000 if you’re going to pay for a quality backlink.
  • Develop a Digital PR strategy but keep it localised
  • Ensure the links are relevant to your niche
  • Try to get a link insert (also known as a niche edit)
  • Bit of a game of who you know to get the right ones
  • Be very careful to not get the wrong ones as it can be very damaging to your site and expensive
  • Save budget for a Digital PR agent to source the backlinks and do what you can yourself

Remarketing – more than just one touch point

  • Step visitors into signing up
  • Stepping stone CTA to sign up to a newsletter or mailing list
  • Don’t give away your content, create a tripwire on sign ups i.e. £1 for the first month to add value
  • Create pyschological value and more commit from your sign ups
  • Work with a PR Agent Mel Jones from (Encore), Heidi Chamberlain-Jones (Minx Media) Chris Richards (Utterly Digital)


  • Add snippet videos into each section explaining the question or give examples
  • Form at the bottom is quite hidden move up the page or create CTA button further up
  • Create video at the top of the final page

Helpful Links

  • User Testing – a good process to go through to see if your website is working how you want it to.
  • Moz – check Meta Title/ Descriptions Length
  • Surfer SEO – helps identify what you can do to improve the SEO on your page to be better than your competitors