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IMC33: How to build the perfect ecommerce sales funnel

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I take you through some key strategies to to build your perfect ecommerce sales funnel, from first contact to getting the sale. You’ll be able to apply the strategies in this video to almost any business even if you don’t sell online.


Know your customer

How people research and buy

  • Start broad and narrow down
  • Multiple touch points
  • Bounce in and off your site

Sales Marketing Funnel Explained

  • Awareness
  • Consideration
  • Decision

Touch Points

  • 7 touches – Ideal number of contact points with your brand

Differentiate your product / brand

Driving Traffic

  • Ads, Social, SEO, Email
  • Focus on a few areas first

Targeted Ads

  • Better lifestyle
  • Solve problem
  • Focus on the benefits

Engaging Content

  • Share what interests your audience
  • Don’t sell, be helpful
  • Be remarkable
  • Consistent communication

Researched SEO

  • Competitor research
  • Broad keywords for landing page
  • Focused keywords for products
  • Google product feed

Social Proof

  • Testimonials
  • Customer selfies
  • Products in use
  • Ask customers to share on social

Refine and optimise

  • Connect Google Analytics
  • Setup Goals
  • Review monthly

Upsell & Cross sell

  • Showcase other high priced products
  • Sell add ons and extras

Ask for action

  • Make the buying process clear
  • Highlight exceptional delivery or returns

Create repeat business

  • Capture contact emails
  • Trials, freebies
  • Discount codes for future orders

Commit to action

What one action will you achieve over the next 30 days?