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IMC29: Getting clear on your business brand

Ben is joined by Benjamin Catley-Richardson (Brand Clear) to share how to be clear on your business brand. We walk through how to be easier noticed, easier to remember and easier to choose.


Your brand ethos
– What do you do?
– Why do you it?
– What matters to people?

The CX Journey
– Make them a promise
– Make them believe
– Show rational value
– Highlight tension
– Give Something to share

Brand vs Sales Blend

Emotional messaging 60% Ideal for:

– Raising brand awareness
– Establishing a market position
– Building an authoritative voice
– Sharing knowledge & expertise

Use to:
– Engage with new audiences
– Align feelings of association
– Increase percieved product value
– Build long-term familiarity & trust

Rational messaging 40% Ideal for:
Raising product awareness
– Clarifying product advantages
– Demonstrating application
– Promoting competitive distinctions

Use to:
– Share information-rich messages
– Persuade people to try or buy
– Encourage people to recommend
– Increase short-term sales targets