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IMC24: Marketing Strategy: Pro

My advice for business getting serious about their marketing. These tasks follow a similar format to my Foundation level but will be suited to business already doing a bit of marketing.


Marketing Fundamentals walkthrough (Pro)

You’ve graduated to the pro level well done. These tasks follow a similar format but will be suited to business already doing a bit of marketing or those who’ve completed my Foundation level

Audience & Planning Section Highlights

  • Review progress against business objectives
  • Watch IMC #11 on understanding your customer
  • Compare your customer needs to your product fit
  • Write down your customer needs for each of the three buying stages:
    • 1. Awareness (social activity, adverts etc)
    • 2. Consideration (help articles, FAQs)
    • 3. Decision (product details, checkout)
  • Build a customer persona: Download Persona Template
  • Write a customer pain list of questions that you can help with
  • Invite clients to take an online survey to get feedback

Helpful Links:

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Stats & Analytics Section Highlights

  • Watch IMC #7 on how best to use Google Analytics
  • Check out your stats in GA
  • Decide which GA stats you need to measure to reach your objectives
  • Setup GA Goals to track activity on your website
  • Identify one action to increase website visits

Helpful Links

#7 Google Analytics – Inventive Marketing Club (GROUP) for Members
About Goals in Google Analytics

Website Design & Development Section Highlights

  • Grade your website and marketing (again)
  • Watch IMC #8 to learn why image optimisation is important
  • Reduce image size
  • Remove unused plugins or add-ons
  • Ensure your website navigation is clear and simple
  • Audit your page content to ensure information is current
  • Make sure your website has a Call To Action

Top Tip: Don’t delete plugins straight away, leave them deactivated for a couple of weeks just to make sure you don’t need them. If you have had the site developed by a web developer ask them to double it check to ensure that ones you are not using aren’t slowing down your site.

Helpful Links

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SEO & Content Section Highlights

  • Watch IMC #6 on SEO tips and strategy
  • Research competitor sites on Google
  • Write a blog article that answers a question from your customer pain list
  • Check that your site’s page titles clearly relate to the page content
  • Create unique descriptions for each page
  • Watch IMC #16 on Improve landing page SEO
  • Create a landing page for each keyword
  • Listen to Greg talk about SEO and affiliate marketing
  • Write two blog posts
  • Get listed on

Helpful Links

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Social Media Section Highlights

  • Watch IMC #4 on reviewing your LinkedIn profile
  • Add business website links to your LinkedIn profile
  • Endorse 3 people on LinkedIn
  • Send LinkedIn connection invites to people you met recently
  • Watch IMC #12 for tips and advice on Google My Business
  • Optimise your Google My Business profile
  • Ask customers to write a Google review
  • Connect with target clients on LinkedIn
  • Set up a business Twitter account
  • Participate in a local networking hour on Twitter
  • Set up a business Facebook Page

Helpful Links

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Watch IMC #12 Google My Business walkthrough
IMC #5 How to get Five Star Reviews
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Email Section Highlights

  • Watch IMC #2 Using email marketing effectively
  • Setup an email newsletter service
  • Collect email addresses from visitors to your site
  • Review your email strategy

Helpful Links

IMC #2 Using email marketing effectively
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Business Highlight Section

Helpful Links

Example Google Lead Sheet
Watch IMC #13 Productivity at work