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IMC17: Google Search Console (GSC) walkthrough

In this episode Ben talks you through how to use GSC (Google Search Console) to find your website Google rank and page errors.


What is Google Search Console (GSC)

Tool that shows data from Google Search Understand how people find you online What keywords get the most clicks Identify problems on your site

Setup and verify

  • Domain or specific URL
  • Example for Domain or for URL
  • Prefer verifying with GA


At a glance look to make sure there are no issues


  • Compare traffic you are getting with clicks
  • Impressions are times snippet show in search results
  • Clicks are when people clicked through to website
  • Queries are the search terms people use

Identify traffic issues

  • Filter on blogs
  • View traffic to pages. Why lots of impressions but not many clicks
  • Click URL to filter on specific URL and view queries
  • View average position, are things headed in right direction
  • View page snippet and page content, do they make sense


  • What search engine ranking position you are for certain keywords (Add new query)
  • Add new query for ‘marketing club’
  • Just started optimising. Starting to get impressions but lacking clicks
  • View page snippet and page content, do they make sense

URL inspection

  • Make sure a page is indexed and if not expedite indexing
  • Adding or refreshing a sitemap can also force Google to index your site again sooner that it would otherwise
  • Check snippets work


  • Start with errors first
  • Next any pages that are blocked from index
  • Email domain believed to be from client’s posting email link on website
  • If issues fixed you can re-verify

Excluded pages

* Why are they indexed? Are they linked on your site?
* How to find links that appear on your website “”
* This year we changed over the site. Found lots of old URLs still in Google index and have setup redirects to new pages
* Yoast also had an issue where it made all image into pages


  • Add sitemaps to make sure google indexes all your pages
  • Also helps highlight if there are pages in the sitemap aren’t indexed
  • On WordPress Yoast SEO plugin makes sitemap Yoast > General > Features > XML Sitemaps (click question mark), then see the sitemap


  • Useful if you must have a page removed from the index
  • Temporary measure. Make sure the actual content has been removed, marked as 404 or no-indexed


Manual Actions

Make sure there are no penalties against your site

Links & Settings

  • Interesting to see what domains are linking to you
  • Add other users. Only give full permission if they really need it

Connect Google Analytics (GA) to GSC

Allows you to view the search data and landing pages in GA