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IMC16: Improve landing page SEO

Ben shares how to improve landing page SEO by optimising a specific page of your website to rank higher on Google.


Improve landing page SEO

Optimising a specific page of your website to rank higher on Google 

What is On page SEO?

Work on your site to improve SERP (Search Engine Ranking Position)
All in your control (website platform dependant) Watch session #6 for general SEO Strategy.

Selmach Case Study
Sell high value metal working machinery a Competitor was starting to win business and their Laser landing page was not ranking in Google results.

The Method

Competitor Analysis | Make Changes to Page | Measure Result 

Step 1: Competitor analysis

Compare the Competition’s SEO to our page Keyword Correlation Report and interpret the findings into action.


  • Group call – Client, SEO, Web dev
  • Review the report – Needed interpreting
  • Decide on easy wins
  • Basecamp to assign actions 


  • Category Landing Page (LP) not in 100 SERPs
  • Title tag not using optimised keyword
  • Poor/few internal links
  • No external links to landing page 
  • Increase word count to over 1400 per page
  • Add keyword or variations into content more 
  • Use variety of content: Lists, images, tables 
  • Use schema markup
  • Page not in index. Yoast issue 

Step 2: Make Changes  

  •  Made observation changes to the landing page. 
  •  Add links from other pages.
  •  Create the ultimate guide 

What we did 

  •  Add keyword to heading: CNC Fibre Laser 
  •  Optimise meta description. Not too long and include keywords 
  •  Added product info, testimonials, FAQs, images, comparisons 
  •  Add keyword variations into content 
  •  Added FAQ schema markup 
  •  Add links from related news articles back to LP 
  •  Another review to check progress 

Step 3: Measure & Tweak 

  • Measure SERP (Search Engine Ranking Position) Content update took one month
  • After two months jumped to #3
  • Then to #1 one month later 

What is a Keyword correlation report?

Comparison of your page against competitor pages based on keywords you want to rank for.

On page SEO tips 

  • Title, Meta Description and Heading must include keyword 
  • Great the ultimate guide. 10x better than competitors 
  • Use variety of content such as headings, lists, images, tables 
  • Include keyword variations in the content 
  • Make sure all related blog, product and supporting pages link to LP 
  • Build external links from other websites to the LP 
  • Use FAQ and other schema markup 
  • Check in GSC that page is indexed!!! 

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