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IMC108: The Relevance of Twitter / X

We called a roundtable discussion on the relevance of Twitter (now known as X) in today’s digital landscape. Does it still have the media sway it used to? And are newcomers to micro-blogging such as Thread and Mastodon going to take over.


Twitter has been the dominate platform for up to the moment information and news but in recent years have been overtaken by Facebook and other platforms. However, unlike other platforms has always remained in the background.

Twitter rebranded to X

  • Elon Musk acquired in 2022 for $44B
  • Proceeded to take it apart
  • Rebranded to X
  • Musk says he wants to make it an everything app
  • What is going on with Twitter X
  • What did business get from Twitter
  • More for individuals
  • More news orientated

Other Similar Platforms

  • Twitter 2006
  • Threads 2022
  • Mastadon 2016
  • Bluesky 2021
  • ActivityPub

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