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IMC99 Create an engaging presentation with Keynote

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Ben demonstrates how easy it is to make an engaging presentation with Keynote. From the initial setup through to tips on how to truely capture your audience’s attention.


From outlining your ideas to tips on how to capture your audience’s attention.

What is Keynote

  • Create slides for Workshops, Sales pitch, Product videos, Storyboarding…
  • Presentation software for Mac


  • Jot down ideas
  • Don’t self sensor
  • Group similar ideas
  • Find the story
  • Copy into Keynote
  • Slide for each idea
  • Start visualising

Building Slides

  • Keep it simple
  • One message per slide
  • Don’t use bullet points!

Slide Transitions

  • Don’t go too crazy
  • Unless you want to make a point.
  • Demostration of different transitions available

Key(note) Features

  • Adding text, shapes and templates
  • Working with others
  • Demostration on Slide navigations, Adding text and shapes and the Inspector panels


  • How they work
  • Show how to set up a template

Add Impact with Images

Demonstration on how to:

  • Drag onto the page
  • Can remove the background
  • Add shadow
  • Crop to a circle

Speaker Notes

  • Great space to remind you of what to say
  • And help you practice

Presentation tips

  • Keep it simple
  • One message/slide
  • Smile, take a deep breath, enjoy the process
  • Timing 2 minutes a slide
  • Practice, a lot
  • Don’t read you notes. Learn your content

Export to video

  • Demonstration on how to export your presentation as a video animation

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