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IMC94: Google Analytics GA4 Walkthrough Reminder

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The deadline to moving over to GA4 is looming. In this webinar learn how to transition to GA4, track visitors and log conversions within the new Google Analytics software.


Full show notes can be found in the original episode: IMC67: Google Analytics GA4 Walkthrough

Google Analytics (GA4) Walkthrough

  • What is GA4?
  • Terms you should know
  • What are you trying to measure?
  • Migrating to GA4

GA4 Walkthrough Demo

Here’s a rough outline of what was covered in the walkthrough:

  • GA4 Home
  • GA4 Reports
  • Installing GA4
  • Key questions you want answered in Google Analytics
  • Where do new users come from?
  • How to find which Pages get the most views?
  • What are you top conversions?
  • Which sources generated sales?
  • How to add new conversion
  • Which are the top landing pages?
  • Which campaigns are working best?
  • Campaign URL generator
  • How to Download or Share or Analytic Report
  • Edit reports
  • Connecting with Datastudio

Image by Lukas on Pexel