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IMC93 Campaign Monitor Walkthrough

Ben demonstrates the benefits of using Campaign Monitor to manage your email campaign in this live walkthrough.


Welcome to Episode 93 of the Inventive Marketing Club, dedicated to enhancing your marketing strategy. Today, we dive into Campaign Monitor, exploring its features, pricing, and a step-by-step guide to creating impactful campaigns. We’ll also compare it with MailChimp for valuable insights.

Exploring Campaign Monitor

Campaign Focus and Features:

  • Campaign Monitor primarily caters to bulk email sending, initially designed for agencies but now accessible for direct sign-ups.
  • Notable features include email sequences, customizable templates, SMS marketing, and robust segmentation options for targeted campaigns.
  • The Link Checker feature ensures campaign effectiveness, while automation enables triggered emails based on user interactions.
  • Use cases range from warming up leads to transactional emails for app integration.
  • Pricing is simpler compared to MailChimp, with no free plan but cost-effective options available.

Navigating Campaign Monitor

Overview and Management:

  • Navigate through campaign overviews, drafts, and lists management sections.
  • Easily access previous campaigns, duplicate them for modifications, and set up automated email sequences based on triggers.
  • Efficiently manage subscribers and segment lists for precise targeting, while gaining insights into campaign performance and integrating with other systems seamlessly.

Setting Up a Campaign

Configuration and Design:

  • Configure client details, authentication, sending domains, and team members.
  • Enable Google Analytics UTM codes for tracking.
  • Create a new campaign by selecting subject, preview text, and sender details, then import or create subscriber lists.
  • Design emails using the drag-and-drop editor, review, test for compatibility, and schedule or send immediately.
  • Analyse campaign performance through detailed metrics.

Importing Data Process

  • Importing data involves matching fields like first name, last name, and creating custom fields, which is simpler than MailChimp’s process.

Checking Campaign Performance

  • Click on email links to view campaign performance, utilizing an intuitive reporting interface.
  • Gain insights into recipient activity, track bounced emails, and understand the implications.
  • Emphasise click-through rate as the primary metric of interest for actionable insights.

Focus on Click-through Rate

  • Highlight the significance of click-through rates over open rates due to email program restrictions.
  • Stress the importance of clicks to the website, trackable via Google Analytics, making Campaign Monitor a valuable tool for insights.

Recommendation and Comparison

  • Personally prefer Campaign Monitor for its simplicity, while acknowledging MailChimp’s popularity, especially for its free tier.

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