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IMC93 Campaign Monitor Walkthrough

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Ben demonstrates the benefits of using Campaign Monitor to manage your email campaign in this live walkthrough.


Review Benefits of Campaign Monitor Emailing Features

  • Pricing
  • No free plan available
  • Basic 500 contacts would cost £9
  • Option to pay per campaign

Overview of the system

  • Explain left hand menu: Campaigns, Automation, Lists, Insights, etc


  • Client detail – Setup plan (Different for us) – Approvals
  • Email setup – Authentication – Email archive – Templates
  • Add analytics. Settings > Analytics

How to create a campaign in Campaign Monitor

  • Overview > Create > Campaign
  • IMC92
  • Add Name
  • Add Subject
  • Explain preview text
  • Add From
  • Create new list – Manual entry, copy and paste
  • Add MC exported list 
  • Mentioned A/B test. Show example testing different subject lines

Demostrate easy email design

  • Chose Simple announcement layout
  • Add blog content(image title etc)
  • Change button colour to blue #3BA3D9 and white text
  • Show different items that can be added
  • Add button text and create link to blog
  • Add in social media urls
  • Show preview, test sent, worth doing
  • Review links


  • Click Prepare to send
  • Discuss A/B test then Turn off
  • Review Schedule and send now 
  • Click send now
  • World view


  • Talk through
  • Select custom journey
  • Talk through


  • Click Ben to show activity
  • Settings
  • Click create signup form and talk through
  • Chat through segments and custom fields
  • Custom fields

Review campaign

  • Click campaign for stats
  • Chat through

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