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IMC88 How to set up a Facebook Ad campaign

Social media marketing expert Jack McCaughtrie (Core Tree) demonstrates how to set up a Facebook Ad Campaign and share his advice on how to get the most out of your boosted posts.


Three simple steps and tips to get the most out of your Facebook Ad Campaign to create a cost effective way to advertise and create a popular channel to reach new and existing audiences.

  • Clear Objectives – What do you want to achieve from Facebook
    • Increase awareness
    • Grow audience
    • Share video content
    • Attract enquiries
    • Convert leads to orders
  • Be Accountable to Activity & Spend
    • Set a life time budget for all campaigns
    • Set a budget so you’re know what you are spending
  • Have a Clear Understanding of Your Audience
    • The segments/characterisitics of your audience
    • Demographics/characteristics/interests of your target audience and current clients

Screen Share on How to Create a Boosted Post Campaign:

  • Goal
  • Geography
  • Target Audience
  • Schedule & Duration
  • Total Budget
  • Estimated Daily Results

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