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IMC83 Mailchimp Walkthrough

Ben demonstrates the benefits of using Mailchimp to manage your email campaigns and engage your audience in this live walkthrough.


  • Introduction to Mailchimp website and offerings
  • Competitive Pricing
  • Offers a free plan max. 500 contacts
  • Good way to start and trial sending email campaigns

How to create a Mailchimp template for a newsletter

  • Click Create > Email > template
  • Click Get started
  • Pick minimal
  • Add template name
  • New template designer
  • Add logo, shrink set background to white (hover header)
  • Edit headline and paragraph from article
  • Add video element, explain link directly to the blog post, so delete
  • Add thumb image and url link
  • Move image above heading
  • Change button colour to blue #3BA3D9 and white text
  • Add button text to ‘Watch Club Webinar’ and link to blog
  • Make round
  • Delete other content and button
  • Tidy header: Replace logo with IMC logo 
  • Show social links and how to update the urls
  • Remove footer logo
  • Preview mode: Desktop/mobile
  • Save and exit ‘Club Newsletter’

How to add an audience in Mailchimp

  • Name: Members
  • From: [email protected] Marketing Club
  • Remind: You are a member of our Inventive Marketing Club
  • Add address
  • Enable Double Opt in and GDPR
  • No notifications
  • Click Save
  • Click create signup form and talk through
  • Click Add contacts and Add subscriber, talk through
  • Click Import > Upload a file 
  • Click methods and talk through
  • Click upload
  • Upload Example MC import.csv
  • Talk through subscribe options
  • Fix error to map name to First name
  • Finish import

How to create a campaign in Mailchimp

  • All campaigns > Regular
  • Add From
  • Add subject text
  • Explain preview text
  • Classing builder
  • Saved templates
  • Add blog content
  • Show preview, link checker, worth doing
  • Show social cases, don’t edit
  • Connect socials to auto share campaign
  • Review Settings and tracking
  • Review Schedule and send now 
  • Click send now

Review your Stats within Mailchimp

  • Select campaign > View report
  • Review just overview

Mailchimp’s Journeys Process

  • Talk through pre-built
  • Find and click on Eventbrite follow-up, review and go back
  • Also check out Send emails over time

Mailchimp’s Creative Assistant

  • Brief introduction

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