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IMC74: How to improve your productivity at work

Ben shares tips and ideas on how to feel more in control of your work, emails and tasks. From apps and systems, to changing your mindset, Ben covers the core concepts he uses every day.


How to improve your Productivity at work

  • How to feel more in control of your work, emails and tasks.
  • From apps and systems, to changing your mindset.
  • Productivity books, gurus and systems – So much info out available. Much of it is fluff

Getting Things Done (GTD)

  • Capture actions in a trusted system
  • Do the small things first
  • Be more creative

Don’t trust your brain

  • It’s terrible at remembering the right information at the right time
  • It’s great at finding patterns and solutions

Capture everything

  • Note down ideas, actions, thoughts
  • Use the same trusted method every time
  • To-do system, Apple Notes, small memo book
  • Allow you to focus on being creative

Process your inbox

  • Clear to zero – Paper inbox (desk), capture method, email
  • Make decisions on what to do. Don’t skip anything
  • Process your inbox each day
  • Set aside time in the calendar

Weekly review

The Power of Email

  • Archive, don’t file. Use search when you need to
  • Write the subject line so you can find it later
  • Only include people that need to see it
  • Filter email that you don’t need to see

Default Diary

  • Block out regular time
  • Share with your team / partner

Don’t be a time thief (And don’t let others steal it from you)

  • Request short meetings
  • Write emails or requests which don’t require clarification
  • Set a Do Not Disturb time – Turn off notifications
  • Plan time for email, social media etc

Be your own admin

  • Set aside time
  • Add tasks or notes from email, chat or calls
  • to your projects

Don’t write it twice

  • Think like a lazy programmer
  • Save time
  • Reduce mistakes

Don’t make excuses

  • Get on with it
  • Take responsibility
  • Be above the line
  • Just start


  • 30-60 minutes a day. Walking is fine
  • Get access to light
  • Get 7-8 hours sleep (or as much as you need)

Recommended reading / listening – My fav Audible books

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