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IMC73: Open Club Marketing Review

We open the club and invite two guest members to have a website & marketing review where we will share SEO tips, content ideas and different ways they can draw more traffic to their website.

This is a fantastic session where you can sit in the wings and glean ideas for your own website! This month we are joined by Jo Biggadike (The Ambling Press Printmaker) and Ruth Twiggs & Jon Parsons (The Cotswold Cabin Company)


The Cotswold Cabin Company – Site Review Notes

Goal: Convert Website Traffic into more leads

  • Review competitors wesbites
    • Check what they are doing that you aren’t doing.
    • What keywords are they are using
  • Homepage Banner image
    • Show the whole cabin and make larger
    • Text cover the banner is currently hard to read. Suggestion is to move text to left hand side, along with CTA button and intro text.
    • Potentially make a video slider banner. If you don’t have video, take 3-5 high quality videos and make a slideshow using Ken Burns effect in Imovie to animate and move the image.
  • Good to see Google Review and Trust Pilot. Share number of reviews and have some examples on the website.
  • Share examples of different types of Cabin thumbnails on homepage that click through to the product page
  • Move other information sections/ condensed onto the homepage
  • Change working of Information to something more useful and product related.
  • Have only only one number to call on contact page
  • Have a dedicated contact form page for customers to book a site visit which will help you track leads
  • Have more images of happy customers, casestudies of completed projects
  • Have an image of you two on the website stood in front of a cabin so customers know who they will be dealing with. People invest in people.
  • Uniform Garden Rooms/ Cabin throughout site as currently confusing
  • Have an About you section on the website and share the benefits of working with you and your company

The Ambling Press – Site Review Notes

Goal: Would like more people to purchase directly off the website

  • Keywords
    • What are your keywords – printmaker, collagraph, oil print, landscape
    • Use your keywords in your meta titles, metal descriptions, H1 title and weave into your content your website as much as possible in a relevant manner
    • Make sure your homepage title is a H1
  • Knowledge sharing is key to help build up your brand. Share as much as you can via blog and link to it from your social media channels
  • Blog titles should where possible include keywords i.e. How to create a collagraph print.
  • Use different blog titles to stop them competing against each other
  • Interlink hyperlinks to link blog articles together and to link back to your shop page for SEO.
  • Have a buy me link further up the page. Make your CTA button bigger, bolder and louder
  • Try to get external links linking to your website. Exhibitions to link to your website, share blogs on where you’re exhibiting. Get your creative peers to link to you and you to them if you are not in direct competition.
  • Ask Wix about delay between loading your site pages. Currently a bit slow.
  • See if you can get links from Pinterest and Etsy to your website.
  • Look up free listing sites to get a link back to your website/ a mention in local press about, local exhibitions
  • Homepage – get a bit more information on the page. An image of you/ about you section/ about your work section/ a link through to your blog/ link through to your shop/ upcoming exhibitions. Space out the information to give people a flavour of your practice on the homepage.
  • Make links look prettier with text hyperlinks i.e shop page/ contact me directly