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IMC7: Google Analytics

How people find your site, tracking sales and setting up a dashboard.


Social Media Round Table

What is Google Analytics?

Free tool to track people who visit your website Like a security camera in a shop but not as creepy

How do I install Google Analytics? Don’t have GA installed?

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Questions to ponder on

Who uses Google Analytics?

How do you need your site to improve? What information do you need to track?

  • What are you trying to measure? Sales, Downloads, Form fills?
  • Social engagement? Best marketing channels?
  • Overview of Google Analytics (GA)
  • Key sections
  • Real-time, Audience, Acquisition, Behaviour, Conversion
  • IMC7 – Google Analytics – 29 October 2019
  • Select account – Five key sections
  • Change date range – Export

Terms you should know

  • Users: Unique visitors
  • Sessions: A block of time spent on your site
  • Bounce rate: A single page visit
  • Pages/session: Average pages viewed in one session

 How people find your site

  • Best sources
  • For new traffic
  • For new visitors
  • For people who spend time on your site • Where you money is coming from !
  • Connect Google Search Console

What keywords drive traffic and SERP

  • GSC performance
  • What people do on your site?
  • Popular pages? Where do they click next?
  • Tracking conversions
  • Which sources generated sales? Does Instagram deliver email sign ups?

Segmenting data

  • View only data from people who buy Or people who who visit key pages
  • View just the sources where traffic converted
  • See which landing pages they saw
  • Campaign URL generator
  • Get more clarity from inbound links
  •– url-builder/
  • Setting up a dashboard report
  • Stay informed with regular updates
  • Custom dashboard
  • “