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IMC60: Be Sociable book extracts

Ben is joined by Helen Davies (Citrus Web), to revisit a book they wrote back in 2014. Be Sociable brought together marketing strategy and social media concepts based on their own unique experience. In this episode they’ll be looking at what’s still relevant and where marketing has moved on to.


What we covered

  • How we came to collaborate
  • The process of how we put the book together over a 2 year period
  • Gaining free photos, getting permission from photographers to use their work

Highlighted Chapters still very relevant today

  • #8 Find people worth following. Learning from the experts
  • #14 Be the first to comment – Still true, first follower…
  • #13 Find others who love what you do…
  • #18 Don’t be boring – Be remarkable, Seth Godin
  • #34 Share (event) with live tweeting. Event planning, scheduling
  • #42 Sell the sizzle not the sausage – Benefits not features…

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