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IMC49: Perfect PR Marketing

PR marketing is a great way to increase brand visibility, website traffic and is also a key element for SEO. In this webinar Heidi Chamberlain-Jones shares her method on how to perfect your PR marketing strategy including how to build relationships with key journalists.


Press & PR Pointers

  • Why generating Press & PR is important for your business
  • What makes good Press material
  • How to grab the interest of Editors and Journalists
  • Bloggers & Influencers weeding out the good ones

Where to send it & how to communicate

  • Tailor each delivery to the recipient
  • Make sure you send it to the right department
  • Don’t just blanket email
  • Be selective on where you share it

Content 5 Basic Rules to follow

  • Have a punchy, sensational headline.
  • Paragraph 1 encapsulate the whole story in one brief paragraph.
  • Main body describe the story in chronological order, in brief paragraphs and with factual detail. Be creative, descriptive and enthusiastic in your language. Include stats of you
  • Last paragraph recap in a nutshell and sign off, with a ‘call to action’ if required.
  • Editor’s Notes include comprehensive notes on all organisations and personnel mentioned in the release, with contacts for where to obtain further information, photos etc

Keep it all to one A4 side if possible.

Creating Eye Catching Headlines

Look at where you want to send it and tailor the ‘hook’ accordingly.


A To the local press (and its readers) a 20 year business birthday may seem irrelevant, but package it as ‘ Local company defies High Street slumps and it becomes newsworthy.


B MyC o celebrates its annual awards’ is immaterial to most people, whereas Industry icon presents outstanding achievements ’ suddenly catches the eye.

You may want your awards coverage in a magazine, so package it differently eg a lifestyle magazine won’t need the whole story, just the relevance to the pictures, plus names of course, and the initial hook.

The Media

There are so many media platforms and they are all accessible today, including:

  • Newspapers
  • regional & national
  • Magazines
  • regional & national
  • TV
  • regional & national
  • Radio
  • Bloggers
  • Online sites
  • Social media

Use them all strategically and you will build strong relationships that will know that your contributions are relevant and of good quality, then the whole world will soon hear about your story… And your business.