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IMC46: Blogging and Content Strategy

Ben shares his method for developing a blog and content strategy which will help get your business found online.


What is a blog

  • Insight into your business
  • A passive help desk
  • Helps to build credibility and influence
  • Longer social media posts
  • Search optimisation

Why you should write one

  • Get more leads
  • Educate our customers
  • Improve SEO to key product pages
  • Support sales/ tech support

Who will read it

  • Who you are writing for?
  • Think of your best customers
  • Address their key needs

Buying stages

  • Awareness
    • What attracts their attention?
    • How can you help them achieve their goals?
    • What social platforms do they use?
    • What search terms will they use?
  • Consideration
    • How can you solve their problems?
    • How can you align with their goals?
    • How will the compare you?
    • What questions do they ask you?
  • Decision
    • What’s their buying checklist?
    • What reservations will they have?
    • Do they need to consult with others?
    • How can you make the sales process easier?

Different blog styles & content type

  • Helpful
  • Topical
  • Product

Topic ideas

  • Help someone -Hints & Tips
  • Questions you get asked alot – FAQs
  • Misconceptions people have about your industry
  • Insider info/ secrets
  • Mistakes people make and how to avoid them
  • Things you wished more of your clients knew
  • Provide an insight into you and your business
  • Customer interviews and casestudies – Testimonials
  • Benefits of your products – What makes you different?

Content checklist

  • Is it based around a relevant topic?
  • Am I adding value?
  • Do people desire to see it?
  • Will they share it?

Keywords & SEO

  • Keywords in the title, headings and copy
  • Keyword variations and related words
  • Link to related pages
  • Include images, videos, lists and tables
  • IMC43: SEO with Yoast

Allocate time

  • Create a regular event in your diary
  • Find a place that removes distractions
  • Make a routine
  • Start small

Finding motivation

  • Write for your audience
  • Write the snippet first
  • Read around the subject
  • Record your ideas and transcribe them

Ask for action

  • Email signup
  • Find out more
  • Buy related products
  • Get in contact for help

Images & Video

  • Increase page views
  • Helps people scan content
  • Makes visible in social feeds
  • People more likely to read