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IMC44: SEO Review

We invited SEO Expert, Chris Richard to review our new RI website! We don’t know exactly what ideas Chris will come up with but he always has insightful advice to improve our search ranking through his proven methods.


Blog Content:

  • Create content that solves a pain point with a CTA to join club throughout with hyperlinks that link to the club throughout. 
  • Make your CTA’s loud and bold. Make each one slightly different – don’t just use the same
  • Check image sizes make webp over jpg
  • Link related articles together/ make sure the articles are well written, optimised and have links
  • Generate topics from google search console searches
  • Add transcriptions of the videos to the page
  • Share a little more content to the public – maybe even share 5mins of each video/tail mgs join the club
  • Each article needs to be 1000-1500 words

Cornerstone Articles

  • Promote Marketing Strategy on social media/linkedin
  • Share 5min clips of videos with meaningful content
  • Handful of relevant external links linking to this article
  • Internally link to it as much as possible
  • Add in your face CTA’s throughout the page/ Full width
  • Don’t use the same CTA twice
    • Try to use text that make ppl mentally say yes – Do you need help with X?
  • Change title i.e How to get better at marketing | Marketing Strategy


  • Business Marketing Club/ Digital Marketing Club/ How to get better at marketing/marketing club/ how to be better

External Links

  • PR related articles for local/national papers online
  • Mel Encore could help create/ cyndicate
  • Punchline Gloucester – Breakfast Brunch video feature
  • Get the links to go to the club page
  • Outreach to other marketing blogs
  • PR articles link to homepage over club page

Internal Links

  • Use screaming frog to check links to marketing club page
  • Link blogs to marketing club page

Marketing Club

  • Make this page the second most linked to page after Homepage


  • Don’t call it a survey – Identify your marketing needs
  • A collection of 6-8 questions max
  • Make them qualify for a call to filter out timewasters