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IMC42: TikTok Essentials

We have invited social media trainer, Jonathan Pollinger to introduce us to TikTok and share how it can build awareness of your business, help you to attract more customers, as well as boost sales and profits.


Essential Points

  • Purpose: Education/Entertainment/Sales
  • Content: Product demos, stories, explainers, tips, reactions, behind the scenes
  • Style: Playful and engaging
  • Reviews:  83% of users turn to TikTok for product reviews
  • Ads: “Don’t create ads, create TikToks.”
  • USP: Ability for anyone to go viral

Rise of Video & Smartphones


  • More videos watched -96% viewers say video consumption increased (Source: Wyzowl) 
  • Shift to video capture – 2021: Take a photo 2022: Shoot a video
  • Explainer videos growth – 94% of viewers watch with 84% purchasing (Source: Hubspot)


  • New mobile hardware – new form hardware eg Samsung Flip
  • Ave monthly data used per mobile was 4.5GB, up 27%. (Source: Ofcom)

Top Tips

  • Become engaged by liking and commenting on videos
  • Storyboard ideas first then try short videos
  • Produce as many videos as you can
  • Publish on a consistent schedule
  • Use new and trending effects, sounds and music
  • Include one to two trending hashtags and two to three hashtags in your niche plus #FYP
  • Video doesn’t have to be polished
  • Keep messaging simple
  • Add captions and early in video
  • Encourage viewers to watch to end – important for algorithm
  • Ensure music in time with movements, action and animated gifs
  • Maintain momentum with fast cuts
  • Always reply to all Comments and quickly and use video when appropriate

Pitfalls to watch out for

  • Avoid too many objects in the frame
  • Avoid small font sizes
  • Avoid small stickers eg Poll
  • Avoid highly stylized fonts
  • Avoid GIFS behind text