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IMC41: Landing Page Review

During this session we will look at a selection of different landing pages and check to see whether they are giving the right message, are user friendly and share some advice on how to improve them.

It’s important to take that step back and see your homepage through your customers eyes to make sure it is working in a way you intended.


Key areas to review to improve your landing page SEO and conversion.


Visitors will get frustrated and likely click back to the search results or social post if it takes longer than a few seconds to load. Google will also penalise slower sites by moving them down the search results, resulting in much reduced organic traffic.

  1. Measure with Must load entirely within 2 seconds. Ideal is 1 second or less.
  2. For more detailed test use Want mobile and desktop in the green
  3. Make sure all images compressed
  4. Images are lazy loaded
  5. Reduce number of requests. The lower, the better


A simple page structure makes it easier to read and scan the page and for search engines to craw your content.

  1. Clear hierarchy: H1, H2, H3 etc
  2. Single H1


The right on-page SEO can make a huge difference to your visibility in search. Make sure you have researched the right keywords that you want to be found for and that those works or variations of are written into your page titles and content.

  1. Are you using the best keyword? Do keyword research with
  2. You have done competitor research for keyword. Have a list of items your competitors have that you must include
  3. Keywords are in title, meta description and H1 on the page
  4. Keywords and variations used with H2 sub sections
  5. Additional keywords, variations and related words used throughout copy. Find alternative keywords with
  6. You have additional high quality and relevent content on your site which links to this page
  7. Include relevant structured data schema?


Make the purpose of your site or page clear from the outset. Allow visitors to get the information they need or do the task in hand quickly and with the fewest amount of clicks.

  1. View your website as a typical user. Make sure to test out on tablet and mobile.
  2. Is the main information to hook the visitor at the top of the page without scrolling (aka ‘above the fold’)?
  3. Do you have a clear benefit statement that aligns with your visitor’s need?
  4. Is it clear what to do next? Buttons, phone or email
  5. Have you answered all your visitors questions?
  6. Is the page easy to scan to find information?
  7. Can you reduce length text and replace with an image or video?

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