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IMC4: Get more out of LinkedIn

Get you up to speed with LinkedIn and learn about some of the key ways people use it to get new business.


LinkedIn overview

Great place for sharing business content
Authoritative personal search result in
Google Good for engagement

LinkedIn stats

610 million users / Over 260M monthly active
LinkedIn provides 50% of social traffic to blogs

Profile checklist

Professional and friendly
No photos from holiday

Personalise the URL – marketing-expert/
Professional headline – Write how you help people
Profile photo – Recent picture that resembles you. Smiling, approachable
Banner images – Add contact number/email
Summary – Expand headline. Share your experience you have. Keep it simple. Include testimonials that share why people should buy from you.


Review Ben’s profile
Any anyone else who’s brave enough…


What do you look for in an LI profile?

Endorsements and Recommendations

Who uses these?
Do they help you to decide work with someone?


Be the first to comment or help others
Original poster will appreciate your support
Helps stimulate more commenters
First follower video


Share links to your blog or other content
Alternative / addition to blogging


Review of posts and how to

Advanced Search

Find local contacts Multiple keywords


Demo of advanced search

Get noticed

Visit other peoples profiles
Use Google search to find people

Personal pages

These rule over business pages (Alex Galviz)
Get your employees to post your content on their personal pages

Stay connected

Connect with people you meet with or connect in advance (podcast interviews)
Ask a question when connecting

Become a tribe

Idea of WEN (Worcestershire Education Network)
All members reviewing group account
Looking for ideas to share