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IMC32: Instagram Essentials

How to use Instagram in your business, grow your audience and track progress.


Why are small businesses using photo sharing apps in marketing?

  • Increasingly in popularity
  • Businesses of all sizes and sectors are using it
  • A great way to bring a visual element to your social media activity
  • Reaching new audiences easier and quicker
  • Sell products or services through the platform

Instagram as Marketing tool

  • Who should use Instagram?

How to post

  • Can only post using app
  • Photos
  • Video
  • Importance of Stories & Reels
  • Hashtag research

Planning Content

  • Use your social media strategy for inspiration
  • Variety is essential
  • Post regularly
  • Find inspiration from other accounts
  • Consider including video

Tracking Progress

  • Set Objectives to monitor progress
  • Audience growth – size & quality
  • Interaction – likes, comments, reach
  • Performance on paid ads
  • Sales of products
  • Traffic to your website

Commit to action

What one action will you achieve over the next 30 days?