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IMC28: Three big ideas to grow your social engagement

I share three ideas that could help grow or even kick start your social media engagement. I’ve been developing the ideas over the years so you may already have heard a few of them but it’s always good to have a refresher.


Be Remarkable

How to create remarkable content that spreads further by working with others 

  • Choose a social network you like 
  • Where your audience hangs out 
  • Reach out to your audience 
  • Be remarkable 
  • Be consistent
  • Connect on a personal level 

Be the First to Follow

Understand how to attract people and create a movement 

Start a Social Tribe

Local businesses promoting local businesses on the web and through social media 

  • Find your tribe 
  • Follow your tribe
  • Spend 15 a day minutes engaging 
  • Recommend what you love 
  • Feedback to improve 
  • Don’t talk about yourself