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IMC26: Marketing Strategy: Expert

My recommendations and advice for people regularly promoting their businesses who have completed the Foundation and Pro levels.


Marketing Fundamentals walkthrough (Expert)

Audience & Planning

Stats & Analytics

  • Identify two actions to increase website visits
  • Review your stats on YouTube
  • Watch IMC #3 YouTube Engagement
  • Review stats on website landing pages and goals
  • Review email clicks, which campaigns are working the best?

Web Design & Development

SEO & Content

  • Register your business on 5 high quality online directories
  • Perform deeper competitor research
  • Search for the keyword on Google
  • Review the first three organic result snippets (ignore the ads)
  • Visit each of the first three results
  • Compile your results
  • Conduct a review of your landing pages
  • Watch IMC #20: Blog Content Consolidation
  • Arrange guest blogging to build credibility & backlinks
  • Add additional topic related words to your landing page or blog content
  • Write another two blog posts

Social Media

  • Develop a sharing strategy for social
  • Make your social posts remarkable
  • Show awareness of ideal clients sector
  • Introduce video into marketing activites
  • Turn your what you learn into content
  • Watch IMC #15 How we make our podcast
  • Setup a pretty Facebook URL
  • Setup YouTube channel linked to Google +
  • Watch IMC 21: Mining LinkedIn to find prospects
  • Create your Social Tribe

Email Marketing

  • Collect visitors data with a compelling offer
  • Design a follow up email with extra information
  • Optimise your email layout for clicks
  • Experiment with animated graphics or videos in your email
  • Design a specific email newsletter targeted at your ideal client
  • Test your emails to make sure they aren’t going into SPAM


  • Review your customers in terms of price, profitability, ease of conversion, previous business
  • Raise your prices by 10%
  • Focus on your best prospects first
  • Use CRM to track the nuturing process