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IMC21: Mining LinkedIn to find prospects

Learn more about mining LinkedIn to find prospects and then how best to engage with them.To help me explore this topic I’ll be joined by social media and blog writer Jack McCaughtrie from (Core Tree).


Guest Jack McCaughtrie from Core Tree

Why mine Linkedin for prospects

  • Remote networking
  • Local, national or global reach
  • Connect with difficult to reach individuals
  • Build awareness of your company and how to help people

There is less noise in the channel, because it is a business to business platform it has a more professional mentality to it and people are more diligent in their approach
Jack McCaughtrie

Case Study – Witley Jones

Bespoke school furniture manufacturer, based in Worcestershire.

  • They wanted to build their awareness and engagement in education
  • Trying to get an in, in a busy market
  • Approach of not hard selling but one of trying to support and align partnerships

Understand, Engage and Convert

Building an Audience

  • Quality not quantity
  • Reconnect with contacts, clients and colleagues
  • Use market intelligence to identify new companies and people
  • Connect with new people you have (or going to) meet
  • Digitising your network

…you have 100% control who is in your audience and have control in targeting the right people. It is important you connect to the right kind of audience, a target client or prospect who have some value to you or you to them. 
Jack McCaughtrie


  • Use Company Pages to find best contacts
  • Search for Job Titles,
  • Location and industry
  • Set up ‘Search Alert’ for weekly email

Who to connect with

  • Connect with people who are directly relevant to you
  • Associated with markets you work with
  • People who would be interested in content you can share
  • People you can help with
  • Don’t simply collect connections
  • Connect with people that interact with your posts

Start a conversation

  • Personalise your connection invitation
  • Soft intro message once connected. Not sales focused
  • Ask questions to encourage a response
  • Follow 2/3 days after invite accepted
  • Be patient

Breaking the ice

  • Be inquisitive about their business or sector
  • Make an opportunity to send more information – relevant blog or video
  • Refer to a post they have shared recently or something you have seen on their website
  • Ask a favour (Benjamin Franklin effect)

Nurture & Follow-up

  • Sow the seeds that will grow over time
  • Be patient. Building relationships take times
  • Have regular content to share within your network
  • Ask who the best person to contact
  • Ask if you can share more information
  • Don’t be afraid to follow up once, twice, three times

Review your profile

  • Must be up to date and accurate
  • First impression counts
  • Make it relevant to your audience
  • Answer the questions your new connections will have
  • Add link to website and videos
  • Consider the posts you share and engage with.

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