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IMC20: Blog Content Consolidation

Ben is joined by guest Copywriter, Catherine Every (Hello Pippin) to discuss how to review your blog to find the best-performing articles and which ones need cutting away.


Guest Copywriter, Catherine Every (Hello Pippin)

What is a blog review and why do we do one?

  • Remove thin content / consolidate articles 
  • Aim: to focuson content quality, improve search visibility, build traffic 

Communion Architects www. 
They have built up a lot of posts over 8 years some with good traffic but could be improved.

Collecting the data

  • Collect data over a full two year period 
  • Export article pages from WordPress 
  • Marry up article pages, GA, GSC data into Google sheet Compare which pages most visited from search 
  • Find low performing pages and review

Blog Review

  • Start with the low performers (<10 visits) 
  • Then tackle pages with >50 unique visits 
  • Make notes on pages actions to take

Review Process

  • September 2019 and January 2020 
  • Review all posts, make notes 
  • Start with the easy stuff: delete or fix broken links, images 
  • Combine posts: Read, outline new content, collate, rewrite 
  • Review in a day or with Alex (client) 
  • Key challenges

Review Checklist

  • Can content be deleted and redirected? 
  • Can content be merged with other articles? 
  • Should the article be split up and extended? 
  • Can URL, title be improved? Keywords added 
  • Can content be improved 
  • Is it in the correct category? 
  • Any missing images or broken links? 
  • Can any relevant images or videos be added? 
  • Does it have a link to a landing page? 
  • Are there any content gaps?

Tidying Up

  • Site audit to make sure everything works 
  • All deleted posts are redirected to new ones 
  • All internal links point to new articles 
  • Note content ideas for future articles
  • Be careful not to change URLs for key pages